Tire Concerns: Tire ratings, do they matter?

Tire Concerns: Tire ratings, do they matter?

by Suzi
(Pittsburgh )

I have a 2006 Kia Rio LX. I have had tire troubles after the original tires needed replaced.

A friend told me it is because I am not replacing the original tires with H rated tires. Other friends tell me, that the H rating does not really matter.

Please tell me if the H rating really matters.

Editorial Comment:

The rating you are asking about is the speed rating, and H means that a tire has been tested to support speeds up to 130 mph (210 kph) on a sustained basis.

If you never drive this fast, you don't need a rating this high, or even if you only occasionally approach this speed, you may get away with a lower speed rating.

So it all boils down to the speeds you drive at and the way you drive. Otherwise, if you're having problems with tires the two biggest causes are lack of maintaining the proper inflation and making sure your wheels are properly aligned.


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Tire ratings
by: Wheels Etc

The speed rating on a tire is only part of the compatability test. The H is normally combined with a number from 86 to 105 or there abouts and those numbers close in on the specific load of your car. Mixing these ratings can result in poor perfomance including braking, cornering and steering or tracking. The standard speed ratings were simple when they first started showing up on foreign tires. They were S for standard, H for high speed and V for very high speed. Now there are several more specific ratings including T, W, and Z to name a few. The US government has added a numerical Wear standard from 100 to 800 or so along with Traction from C to AA, AA being the best and Temperature from C to A, A being the highest minumum for the rate at which a tire disapates heat while driving down the road. A failure to disapate heat is a critical issue in premature tire failure. Proper air pressure is the best way to prevent heat buildup however you have to have a good tire with which you start your trip.
I know this is more information than you wanted however, I would like you to have confidence in the tire dealer that explains this all to you. Any good proffessional can and will without charge.

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