Tire Concerns: The Performance of Retread Tires

Tire Concerns: The Performance of Retread Tires


I would like to be briefed about the performance of retreaded tires.

Editorial Comment:

Perhaps a good introduction to this topic might be in a few extracts from an open letter sent to US President Obama in July, 2009 by the Director of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.

"Thanks to retreading and properly made tire repairs hundreds of millions of gallons of oil are saved every year while greatly reducing the scrap tire problem ...."

"The safety of retreaded tires has been proven ... by millions of vehicles worldwide, including school and municipal buses, fire engines and other emergency vehicles, commercial and military airlines, taxis, small package delivery services such as FED EX, UPS and even the U.S. Postal Service, as well as by countless commercial vehicles ...."

"... a U.S. Federal Executive Order (13149) MANDATING the use of retreaded tires on certain government vehicles."

"... I drive on retreads on my personal vehicle, as does my wife and son on their vehicles."

"The retread industry was green long before the word became fashionable. In fact, our industry can boast that a retread tire has one of the highest post-consumer contents of any recycled product, and, refreshingly, the user of retreaded tires will always spend a little LESS than for a comparable new tire."

"... every major new tire manufacturer strongly supports retreading as part of the life cycle of a tire."

If you'd like more extensive information, look at the TRIB website


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by: Anonymous

Did any one READ the executive order that keeps being touted as MANDATING that government vehicles use retreads?

I read the entire document, and it mostly has nothing to do with retreads.

It MENTIONS them in about three sections, one of which is in definitions.

It merely lists retreads as a POTENTIAL option, along with the use of recycled instead of virgin motor oils, tires with post consumer rubber content, etc.

It ALSO caveats that potential use by saying the products must meet the vehicle maker's performance stds to be allowed.

This is in NO WAY mandating their use.

You should clarify this in your pastes from the retread vested interest groups.

- Thanks!

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