Tire Concerns: Road hazard insurance

Tire Concerns: Road hazard insurance

by Pat
(Bucks County, PA )

severely damaged tire

severely damaged tire

I took my car to the dealership for inspection and they told me one tire would not pass inspection because it had damage down to the cords. I went back to where I brought the tire with road hazard insurance and asked them to replace or repair the tire....they told me that the tire would pass inspection and they would slap an inspection sticker on it at basically no charge.

Who do I believe? Is the dealership just trying to sell me a tire or is the tire store not wanting to make good on the road hazard coverage?

Editorial Comment:

It is evident that you don't have confidence in either your car dealer or your tire dealer. If you had confidence in one of them, you'd know which way to lean.

What I'd try to do in a case like this is to ask for another opinion --which is what you're doing-- but unfortunately I don't know either the car dealer nor the tire dealer, nor can I form an opinion about the condition of the tire without actually inspecting it.

I'd suggest you try another tire dealer. Tell them that you're concerned because your car dealer suspected that one of your tires was damaged and that you don't know if it needs to be replaced immediately or if it could be continued to be used for some time. See what they suggest.

Also, I don't know what the inspection process is where you live. Do you have to pay for a re-inspection if your vehicle is rejected? You could ask the tire dealer to give you a written commitment that they will fix the problem AND pay any extra inspection costs if their assessment is not correct. If they're trying to do anything shady, this might cause them to respond differently.


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Works everytime
by: Anonymous

I've done it several times. Works like a charm.

by: Anonymous

I'm not sure anyone could understand what you are saying. By all means try 'cause fraud is okay...

Don't recommend trying to scam insurance
by: Jack

Usually the conditions of recovering a claim on a tire covered by Road Hazard Insurance are pretty carefully set up to avoid this kind of thing.

You'd have to look at the specifics of the policy to determine what they are in any particular situation but there are some characteristics which are usually common in these policies.

First they apply to a tire installed and used on a certain vehicle. If you change the tire to a different vehicle the policy may be voided.

Next, the tires which are covered are usually recorded with a serial number or some other identifier so that it becomes difficult to switch one tire for another. Even in the case where only the DOT number is written down on the policy, you would probably find it difficult to buy another tire with exactly the same DOT number since part of that number records the date on which a tire was manufactured.

Often a claim is limited to one replacement per tire. So if you make a claim once, the replaced tire does not get covered under the same policy.

Finally, there may be legal issues involved if a person makes a falsified claim. At the very least, you might expect that your credibility at a particular dealer might be blackened and you end up being "marked" as a person who is to be watched.

As a tire dealer, I have seen or heard from fellow dealer, of many attempts by customers to take advantage of these things. It's pretty hard to put one over on these guys.

Claiming road hazard insurance on a different tire
by: TransAmWS6

so if i need a popped a brand new tires sidewall, could i buy that same tire model again with the road hazard insurance and take in the other popped one and claim it as the one that is covered? ive been looking around and i cant see why this wouldnt work, i'd then have 2 new tires for the price i pay for one..comments anyone?

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