Tire Concerns: Regular radial winter vs original equipped LT tires

Tire Concerns: Regular radial winter vs original equipped LT tires

by David
(Montreal Can.)

I have a F1504x4. I understand the ply issue, but the dealer is telling me that Regular radial winter tires are not designed for the weight, I believe Ford explorer and other large S.U.V. vehicules have Reg. tires and gross vehicule weights are similar, I would appreciate your forums opinion.


LT tires are designed to carry heavier loads and resist more abuse than non-LT tires. All tires are designed to carry a certain maximum weight and you need to take into account how you will be loading and using your F 150.

If you are certain that when your truck is fully loaded that the weight that will be carried on each tire (usually 1/2 of the total load on that axle) is not exceeding the rating of the tire, you may get away with using a non LT tire.

I'd expect your dealer is being cautious that if they sell you an under rated tire and you later have a tire failure because you loaded the truck to it's capacity, you wouldn't be blaming them for selling you an inferior tire.

If you really want to use regular tires and a dealer won't sell them to you, you might buy them online from Tire Rack or some other website, and have them installed by an independent shop, assuming all the risk for any problems which might arise.


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Your tires
by: Wheels Etc

In addition to the load requirement you may want to consider the way LT tires perform in winter conditions as compared to Passenger tires.
The load distribution of the Explore is entirely different from the F-150 and you must know by now the rear tires of the F-150 do not have much holding them on the pavement unless you have cargo in the back. Even on dry roads you may have learned that you can spin the tires when you did not intend to do that.
Driving in Utah whan I was young I would actually carry 1,000 lbs of dead weight in the back of my '65 Chevy pickup simply to add to the handling of that truck during the winter.
LT tires are no advantage on icy roads but tend to work better than car tires when using chains.
There is no reason to oversize the tires greatly because that only reduces the actuall load per square inch of surface contact and makes the tires slip more easily in snow.

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