Tire Concerns: Proper tires?

Tire Concerns: Proper tires?

by Jerry Cox
(Davison, MI 48423)

I have a 1999 Chevy S10 Extended Cab. I recently needed new tires. The dealer suggested "GENERAL ALTIMAX RT" 21/70R-15. Which I bought and had installed. I have put 5,000 miles on the tires and had them back to the dealer 3 times for balance & rotate, due to a vibration, which accures @ 35mph. sometimes worse than others. I have had the truck into my mechanic and he has checked all the U-joints and drive shaft. He says it is the tires. I recently found out that the General Altimax RT are for passenger cars, could this be my problem. Are the tires safe for my truck?

I am not personally familiar with the General Altimax RT tire but in general terms tires which are designed for light trucks are made to support higher loads than passenger car tires and it is possible that you may have damaged the structure of the tires by carrying heavier weight that they were designed to use.

Another possibility is that there could be a structural defect in one of the tires which is causing the vibration. Since you've been back to the dealer on several occasions I'm wondering if you have ever discussed the possibility of making a claim for defective tires, or arranging for a change of tires with some compensation since, as you say, they recommended these tires which may not be suitable for your vehicle.

It's hard to say whether they are safe to use on your vehicle since I cannot determine the extent of the the damage, if any. But if their load rating is not suitable for they use you are giving them, then you should definitely be looking for other tires.



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Your tires
by: Wheels Etc

I suspect you are speaking of a tire size 215/70
R 15 which is suitable for use on this pickup. Of course you could overload any tire you put on the truck so that still applies. I suggest you make another change before seeking help from another dealer. If you move the tires from front to rear you may find the vibration goes away or changes from the stering wheel to the seat. If that happens you will eliminate two of the tires and could more easily identify which tire is causing the problem. In addition you can lift one side of the rear axel and spin that tire to further identify the tire causing the problem. If all this fails I suggest you seek help from another dealer and take his opinion back to the original dealer to give him a chance to make it good. If you get an opinion that is not accepted by the original dealer you may need to make the new purchase from the new dealer then ask for relief in court from the original dealer.

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