Tire Concerns: Our minivan are different from manufacturer recommended tires

Tire Concerns: Our minivan are different from manufacturer recommended tires

by Alvin

Our minivan has different size tires than the size recommended by the manufacturer

We're driving a 2000 Chrysler Town and country minivan which we recently purchased. Today I found out that the tires on the van are the wrong size. The previous owner put 215/60R16 instead of 215/60R15. What will be the effect on my minivan? Is it something serious that I need to change them right away to the right size?


Please see out Tire Size Calculator to get an idea of the effects this would have on your vehicle.

If you're certain that these tires were being used for any considerable time prior to your purchase, and they weren't just switched when the old owner sold it, and you're satisfied with the vehicle's condition and the way it is operating (paying special attention to the tires rubbing when you go over a bump or when making sharp turns) then you're probably OK in sticking with this size if you are prepared to accept the differences noted in the calculator.


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something here is wrong
by: the unknown

I think you are not reading this numbers right !!! You can (not) fit a 16r into a 15r ????? Or vice versa! !!!!

Editorial Comment:

Unfortunately it may be possible to mount a smaller or larger tire onto a rim of a given size.

There are several reasons why this is never recommended. The first is the safety of the person doing the installation. If the tire "blows off" while it is being over-inflated in order to seat the beads, it could cause serious injury to the operator doing the installation.

The next important reason, is that IF the tire does get mounted, it may become dis-mounted when the vehicle is being driven, typically in a curve or some other manoeuvre where there is lateral pressure on the tire. This poses an enormous safety risk for the driver and passengers of the vehicle together with other near by vehicles if it goes out of control.

We were assuming, that if a vehicle has been driven for several months with a different sized tire, they must have been using a different sized rim, too. If they are, indeed running 16" tires on a 15" rim, they are in definite danger and should be changing their rims to the right size as soon as they possibly can.


Your tires
by: Wheels Etc

Lucky you. It appears the tires fit on the vehicle and the increase in overall diameter is all in your favor. You do have to be concerned about the slight 4% increased speed meaning when your speedometer reads 70 you are actually driving about 73mph and could be subject to a speeding ticket. I suggest you make an appointment with AAA to participate in their free speedometer testing just for you own peace of mind. Adjustments can be made to the transmission to correct the speedometer. I suggest you now have a tire that will be much easier to buy in the future because 15inch is becoming more difficult to find. Although I suggest you will not notice the slight improvement in gas mileage you can be sure you will be saving money with this increase in rolling circumference. Overall you have a much better tire on the van today.

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