Tire Concerns: New tires installed were manufactured over a year ago! Is that an industry standard?

Tire Concerns: New tires installed were manufactured over a year ago! Is that an industry standard?

by Junie
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

The new Goodyear Assurance Comfortreds that were installed on my car today were manufactured in Jan, 2010.

By the time that I found this out from the dealer, the tires were already on, and he told me that he couldn't put my old tires back on. I am not happy about this as the 5 year manufacturer's warranty that came with the tires is from the date of manufacturing, not the date of installation.

Also, rubber disintegrates, and these tires have been sitting around a warehouse for over a year.

Am I worrying too much for nothing? I just don't think that I am getting what I am paying for. Are there any industry standards for limiting how old tires are if they are to be sold as new? Do I have any recourse? Any info or advice would be much appreciated.

Editorial Comment:

You may be getting worked up for nothing.

First, the warranty from the manufacturer is against defects in materials or manufacturing. In all my years in the tire business, I've noted that these kind of defects will almost always become apparent within a few months of the tire being put into use. So, if you get by, say, 12 months of actively using the tires without noticing any defect, chances are amost 100% that you will not have any reason to make a claim against that warranty.

Inspect your tires regularly, keep the required presure and you'll likely get good and long service from your tires unless you suffer some damage from road hazards or other sources. Please do not make the mistake of not inspecting your tires at least once a month. (Subscribe to my TireChek for a reminder.)

The second point to take into consideration is the fact that most tires are completely worn out long before the 5 year warranty period is expired, even if they were installed new. Look at your own case: How long have you been driving on the tires you've replaced?

Finally, you are right that tires can deterioate but this is usually when they are exposed to heat and sunlight, which are both enemies of rubber. If a tire is kept in a warehouse where it is not subjected to high heat and direct sunlight the effect of storing the tires is minimal.

If you are going to not use your vehicle for any extended time, it is wise to have it in a cool area which doesn't get direct sunlight. Possibly putting it up on blocks and letting the air out of the tires.

As far as I know there are no standards as to when a tire must be sold, or when it is considered old. The rule seems to be if it hasn't been used, then it can be sold as new.

Your only defence, if this is important to you, is to ask to see the tires before they are installed and check the date yourself, or to specify on your purchase order that you want tires that have been manufactured no earlier than XX months before they are sold to you.

To sum things up, I don't think you need to be concerned, and don't feel that you've been cheated.

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