Tire Concerns: my new tires were switched

Tire Concerns: my new tires were switched

by Silvia Portugal
(Crestview Florida )

I just got a new tires ( 4 ) to my H. Santa Fe their size are P225/7016 and I pay $450.00 the place where I bought them said that they have a warranty on it for 80,000 miles they promise to me first a set of Falken High Country with the same miles warranty is a difference at this? I don't know about tires but one thing that I notes is that they don't give to me paperwork for the tires you know the tires warranty package when you pay for a brand new tires? the only give to me the writing receipt with the next message

Whole Sale Tire
4 new 2257016
Falken High Country
80,000 mile tires
$ 450 Paid in Full
But at the last minute they give to me an other brand an now I have no even a purchase receipt from this new tires what I have to do?

Editorial Comment:

At the very least it seems that there was a mistake made in your written receipt.

If you are satisfied that the tires on your car are at least as acceptable as the Falken High Country tires you thought you were getting, then ask the dealer to provide you with a corrected receipt that will give you the warranty of 80,000 miles for those tires.

If they won't provide you with that warranty, or you simply don't like the tires which are not Falken tires for any reason, then I believe you are completely within your rights to insist that they replace those tires for the ones which are described on the receipt at no extra cost to you.

If they refuse, I would expect that there is some Consumer Protection Agency in your state who you could complain to that might help you.


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Tire Switching
by: Wheels Etc

From your description it appears the amount you paid did not include any additional services or taxes. That in itself makes it difficult to correct. If you were not reporting the complete transaction then I suggest you not waste any additional time and seek legal assistance or file a small claims case on your own. In order to do that you must first learn the name of the person for service at that business and you must also make a formal claim to that person such as a demand for the correct information, the replacement of the tires etc. That claim must be sent by certified mail with a return receipt in order for that to be part of a case in court. Each day diminishes the value of your claim by the use you are getting from the tires.
I have experience with the Falken Tire people at:FALKEN TIRE
FONTANA, CA 92335-5260
(909) 356-4100

I know of a case I had where the dealer did not perform and adjustment in a good way and from my call to Falken the problem was not only solved the dealer's policy for the future was changed on the spot and the next customer with a similar problem was treated well. Falken will talk to the dealer in question and learn what the product was that they sold and why they put their name on your receipt. I am sure they will want a copy of your receipt but once they are aware their name is used they will want an explanation and I suspect they will tell the dealer they need to change your tires to their tires if they are available.
My name will be of no help to you however I worked for the company that brought Falken Tires to the United States and have confidence they are a very reputable company and expect their dealer network to operate with similar standards.
Sure would like to hear how this comes out.
hubcap-kid@wheels-etc.com or simply 800 75 TIRES

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