Tire Concerns: my car wobbles a lot when i cross 80km/h speed

Tire Concerns: my car wobbles a lot when i cross 80km/h speed

by umar
(dubai, uae)

i have a honda civic

orignal tyre measurement was P195/60HR 15
i replaced them with 205/55R 16
now when i go above 80 my car goes out of control
it wobbles alot
someone said even i get my cars tyres balanced and alligned again it will become same within days.


I may not be understanding your problem but, typically when a car shakes after passing a certain speed, it is a sign of a balance problem, however you may be describing something else when you say it wobbles and goes out of control.

When your tires were installed, they should have been balanced, and if you didn't notice a problem at the start it may be because a balancing weight may have come off since then.

If balancing does not solve the problem, you may have a problem with bearings which would have to be fixed. It may be possible to determine this at the same time as you check the tires for balance.


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by: Wheels Etc

I suggest you have the Honda Dealer examine the steering mechanism along with the shock absorbers and steering dampening cylinder. Balance and alignment both cause vibration in different ways. Wobbling seems to be an exaggeration of a vibration so I do not suspect either to be causing your problem. In addition the appropriate fitment of the wheel on the hub will cause severe wobbling however, you should feel an increase of that from a very slow speed and you have indicated the car feels fine until you reach a speed outside the legal limits. Without additional information I suggest you slow down.

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