Tire Concerns: how can i get that staggerred look?

Tire Concerns: how can i get that staggerred look?

by JOE

Ok so here is the deal. I have a 1997 bmw 528i e39 & want to get that staggerred look on the car without actually changing the rim size. I hear this can be done by using a wider tire on rear,while keeping the sidewall height look without changing rim size on rear. the current size on the car is 245 40 18 on rears and 235 45 18 on front. Anyone have a nice answer?


You are using a term which I am not familiar with.

If, by staggered look you mean that you want the rear wheels to stick out more from the car than the front … then I'm on the same wave length as you.

I'd start by stating that you already have wider tires on the back but probably not enough to make a very obvious visual difference. If you want to put even wider tires on the back you are going to have to move to an even lower profile because as you add to the width you are also making the tire higher unless you drop the AR by an amount enough to offset the increase. The rule of thumb is decrease the AR by 5 for an increase in the width by 10.

However, you say you don't want to increase the rim width. You are then limited by the rim which you currently have because all tires are made to fit only on certain rim widths. There is a certain tolerance built in, but only about 1/2 inch on either side.

To get what you want, you may have to change the rims, not necessarily to get wider ones, but perhaps get rims with a different offset so that they will stick out more from the vehicle than the ones you now have. That way you can stay with the same tires you now have, or possibly use the same sized tire all way round.


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The staggerd look
by: Wheels Etc

I think your car has a 7 1/2 inch wide wheel and would accept a P265/35 R 18 which is somewhat wider than the 235's in the front. These tires are nearly the same running diameter as the 245/40's so very little will change except performance and feel. If I am wrong about the 7 1/2 or 8 inch wide wheels then you will need to consider changing wheels as suggested earlier. In the case of the Camero and Corvette the staggerd look is accomplished with different width wheels front and rear. That is also true of the Ferrari and Pantera. Keep in mind you are also limited to the amount of tire that can extend beyond the fenders on cars in the US. Of course you are already about as close to the inside as you can afford to be so all the added width will need to come to the outside. Visit some custom car shows and see what others have done in this regard.

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