Tire Concerns: Hercules 24575R16 6 ply tires

Tire Concerns: Hercules 24575R16 6 ply tires

by JoAnne
(Edgemont, SD)

I purchased 4 new Hercules 245/75R16 6 ply tires to use on an 1989 Chevy Pickup on June 29, 2009. The tires have less than 2,500 miles on them.

The past month, all four have gone flat. The reason for replacing the tires was so that we wouldn't have these tires. These are quite a job to change when you live out in the country.

I would be interested if anyone else has had a problem. They appear to just break the bead on the tire and go flat.

Editorial Comment:

It is hard to diagnose the cause of these flats without more detailed information.

It sounds like the vehicle is not driven much (2,500 miles in 2+ years). Does this mean the vehicle is sitting idle much of the time? Did all the tires go flat together while the vehicle was parked, or did they lose air when in use? Has the air pressure been checked on a regular basis and adjusted when necessary? How long ago was the pressure checked?

Answers to these questions plus more detail on the kind and amount of use they receive might help solve the dilemma.

Also, were the tires mounted and installed by a tire dealer or was this done at home?


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Hercules 24575R 16 6 Ply Tires
by: JoAnne

These tires are on a ranch pickup that is driven daily during the winter to feed. The tires went flat, one at a time over a month period while setting in the shop overnite. Yes, the tire pressure was monitored on a regular basis. It appears that they broke the bead while sitting.

The tires were purchased, mounted and installed by a dealer.

I am wondering if there are any recalls on these tires. I purchased them to have a reliable vehicle to feed cattle with and they certainly have not been that.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a ranch vehicle, so when they are flat in the country you change them out yourself.

Any help would be appreciated.


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