Tire Concerns: Fitting ATV chains

Tire Concerns: Fitting ATV chains

by Frank

Typical ATV tire chains

Typical ATV tire chains

Have a 4X4 four wheeler with knoby rear tires. Got V bar chains to help climb rockie hill sides. Deflated tires, hand fitted the chains, twisted perfect, inflated tires, very tight perfect fit. Chains rolled, V bars cut tires very bad. Tire was not low at time of roll. WHat am I doing wrong ? How to stop V bars from rolling over ??

Editorial Comment
The proper installation of ATV tire chains isn't particularly complicated, but there are certain details that need to be watched to make sure they go on right.

One of the things is to make sure that the prongs of the hooks which connect the cross chains to the side chains are facing to the outside of the tire. If they are not, they will eventually work themselves around to put the chains in the wrong position that could damage the tire. This is possibly a detail that you over looked, but since I haven't seen your ATV tire chains and how they were installed, I can't know for sure.

Another detail is to be sure that the side chain which runs around the sidewall of the tire, is tightened sufficiently so that the chains are wrapped over the sides too. This needs the side chains to be well tightened, but also the cross chains have to be long enough to allow some wrapping to take place. The more they are wrapped the less possibility there is that the chains can roll. So keep this detail in mind too. It may be necessary to get a different sized set of ATV tire chains for the tire/wheel combination you have.

I hope these ideas may give you a clue of what caused the problem with your ATV tire chains damaging your tires the way they did. If you would have sent a picture, this might have helped to determine the cause and how to fix it.

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