Tire Concerns: Condition of Motorhome Tires after Non-use.

Tire Concerns: Condition of Motorhome Tires after Non-use.

by Sharon
(Eau Claire, WI)



I'm concerned about the tires on a motor-home that has been sitting for several years, not driven.

Of course the tires look GREAT.
They have a lot of tread left but we are concerned about what might be unseen.

The motor-home was parked on granite in a fairly shaded area. No weather wear apparent.
No apparent flat spots but it now has only been driven a couple of miles.

Afraid to take it out on the road if there is a possibility of problems.

Editorial Comment:

You are wise to be cautious, but without more precise details and an actual physical inspection of the tires it is hard to make an accurate analysis.

Normally, when leaving a vehicle for an extended period of time it is recommended that the weight be removed from the tires by placing blocks under the axle and that the tires are protected from sunlight and extremes of heat and cold.

Tires will naturally lose pressure over a period of time and, in a parked vehicle, this can result in a permanent deformation of the tire that, at least, will make the ride seem bumpy.

If your tires seem in good shape and the pressure is at least what is recommended, you might be safe in driving the vehicle--slowly (no more than 30 mph)--to a dealer who can physically inspect the tires so you can have an expert analysis.

You might consider, especially if the tires are more than 5 years old, retiring them from active use and using them as spares that you would use only for very limited and slow speed use in case of a flat.


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