Tire Concerns: Clean Sidewall Cut on Michelin Pilot Preceda tire

Tire Concerns: Clean Sidewall Cut on Michelin Pilot Preceda tire

by Z

3 inch Clean Sidewall Cut on Michelin Pilot Preceda tire

3 inch Clean Sidewall Cut on Michelin Pilot Preceda tire

One of my 8 month old Michelin Pilot Preceda 245/45R17 95W tires fitted on Mercedes Benz E300 blew out with a 3 inch clean sidewall cut as shown in the photo. The car was traveling at about 120Km/hr on a straight motorway and did not hit anything. The tire pressure was around 37 when measured cold. The tire has done about 17,000km in total. Does anyone know what might the cause of this? I am trying to make a claim with Michelin.

Editorial Comment:

As a person certified to do warranty adjustments, from your picture and your description I would suspect that there is a possibility that Michelin may agree that there was a tire fault involved.

Of course, if I had a chance to personally inspect the tire my opinion might change because of something that isn't evident from what you have provided or what can be shown in the photo.

Usually when a cut is produced by some foreign object there is evidence in the way the cords are damaged and, in the majority of cases the cut will be parallel or diagonal to the tread, not perfectly perpendicular, as seems to be in your case.

This appears to be a case of cord separation from what I can see in the photo, however, one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable about stating this with absolute certainty is the fact that you describe this as a clean cut. A "clean cut" is almost always caused by something external to the tire (like a knife, piece of metal, etc.) where a tire breaking because of a fault in the manufacturers materials or process would produce a somewhat jagged or at least fuzzy break.

In any case, if you approach Michelin nicely, and there is any doubt as to the cause of the problem, they may give you the benefit of the doubt especially if they are convinced that this will keep you loyal to their brand.


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