Tire Concerns: Changing all four tires on 07 Sport Trac

Tire Concerns: Changing all four tires on 07 Sport Trac

Do I really need to change all four tires on my 07 Sport Trac when just one has a minor problem?

My Sport Trac is an on-demand 4 wd, the tires have less than 30,000 miles on it, one has a nick in the sidewall. Do I need to change all 4 of them?

Editorial Comment:

It seems rather unjust, but the way 4WD drive vehicles are built, most manufacturers warn owners to alway have the same sized tires (meaning the outside diameter) the same when using 4X4 traction, otherwise serious damage can be produced in the differential if only one wheel has a different circumference than the others.

There is a small degree of tolerance that is built in to some vehicles but it isn't much more than about 1/2 inch.

If you can always be certain that you will not use the 4 wheel drive mode, and keep the two different tires on the non-drive axle you may be able to get by with changing only one.

A safer way to go is to replace all 4 and keep a watch on the tread depth of the new tires waiting until they get down to the same level as the older tires, then start using the older ones in your rotation (remember to include one as the spare). This way you'd get maximum life and use out of all the tires over a period of time.

The other alternative is to change all 4 and offer the 3 partially worn tires for sale to recover part of their value and lower your total investment in tires.


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Your damaged tire
by: Wheels Etc

What you have learned is correct and the 1/2" tollerance is enough to keep you safe. I am suggesting the 30,000 miles will not wear 8/32 of tread off the tires so a new tire will be within the allowed tollerance. Now let's talk about the "knick" in the sidewall. Is there cord showing or is there a bulg where the knick is located. If either of these is true then replace the tire sooner than later. If niether is true have the tire inspected by a professional tireman who may recommend you look inside just to be safe. It does not matter how thick the rubber is on the outside of the tire it is there mearly to protect the cord from exposure to the elements. There is no strength in the rubber period.
The cord does all the work. When the rubber cracks it is no longer doing the work needed and the tire should be replace even if you don't see the cord it is exposed.

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