Tire Concerns: ATV Tire Applications

Tire Concerns: ATV Tire Applications

by Bobby

Typical ATV

Typical ATV

I have a Kawasaki Brute Force 750 atv. The front tires are 25x8-12 and the rear are 25x10-12.

I have bought 27x10-12 for the front and 27x12-12 for the rear.

Will the new tires work on my stock rims? The quad sits pretty high as it is so clearance does not look to be a problem.

Since it is a 4x4, should I put the front tires running backwards for grip getting out of holes?

Editorial Comment:

The biggest concern about the changes you a contemplating is the width of the tires. All tires are designed to be used on a certain rim width and diameter.

The diameter allows no flexibility in choice, whereas many tires will work on a range of different widths, typically from one inch narrower to one inch larger.

In your case you are looking at mounting tires which are as much as 4 inches wider which definitely will not work and even the 10 inch tires are ones I'd want to be careful about, checking with the manufacturer's specs.


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