Tire Concerns: all season tires that go in the snow and ice

Tire Concerns: all season tires that go in the snow and ice

I am looking for a really well made tire (265/65 R18) that is all seasons and performs well in the snow and ice.

Editorial Comment:

What you are looking for is what all drivers have been dreaming about ever since tires have been invented.

The road and driving conditions in snow and ice are so different from summer driving that no tire manufacturer has yet to come up with a design and material combination that performs well under all conditions, that I am aware of.

Usuallly when you get an all-purpose tire for any use you end up with something that doesn't work well under extreme conditions, and when you have a tire that is made for a certain extreme use, it generally gives up something from the other extreme to make up for that.

If you are content to not expect too much in extreme cold with snow and ice, you may find that by modifying your driving you may get acceptable winter driving from a good all weather tire, or if you are prepared to give up some tire life and put up with extra road noise you may find that a winter tire might serve you OK in the summer where you don't have very extreme heat.

Unless someone has come up with a real tire breakthrough recently, I don't think you're going to get what you want.


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Two blown tires in 5 hours
by: Tony

I own a 2004 Mazda RX-8. Two days ago I had the right rear passenger tire patched, as I had a slow leak. I also had new rotors, new pads installed and a new right rest brake caliper installed. Yesterday, less than 24 hours after I did the repairs, I had a blowout on that tire. I replaced the tire with a Toyo tire. Size of these tires is 245/45/18. After driving on the tire for three tires, I had a blowout again. Same sound, same shredding on the inside of the tire. Car was towed to the shop today (Sunday). Will get looked at on Monday. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Ed. Comment

To me I'd suspect that there is a defect in the wheel. Blowouts of these kinds are typical of what happens when a tire is driven with inadequate pressure and given that you stated with a slow leak, both fixing then changing to a new tire didn't fix the leak so it may not have been the tire leaking, but the wheel .. possibly a slight dent or bend in the flange causing the leak or perhaps a hole or crack in the wheel body itself.


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