Tire Components: the ingredients of your tire

What are the basic ingredients in a typical tire?

A typical modern radial tire contains some or all of the following tire components:


  • Fabric

  • steel

  • nylon

  • aramid fiber

  • rayon

  • fiberglass, or polyester (usually a combination)

  • Rubber (natural and synthetic)

  • Reinforcing chemicals
    carbon black

  • Anti-degradants
    paraffin waxes

  • Adhesion promoters
    cobalt salts
    brass on wire
    resins on fabrics

  • Curatives
    cure accelerators

  • Processing aids

Just to give you a rough idea of what tire components you might find in your car's tires, a P195/75R14 all-season passenger tire, the most popular size, weighs about 21 pounds and has about:

  • 5 pounds of 30 different types of synthetic rubber
  • 4 pounds of 8 types of natural rubber
  • 5 pounds of 8 types of carbon black
  • 1 pounds of steel cord for belts
  • 1 pound of polyester and nylon
  • 1 pound of steel bead wire
  • 3 pounds of 40 different kinds of chemicals, waxes, oils, pigments, etc.

Tires made for different applications will have distinct components and in different proportions.  For example the amounts of Synthetic Rubber and Natural Rubber would vary according to the final use.  Typically we might find something like the following table:

Tire type Synthetic rubber Natural Rubber
Passenger Tire 55% 45%
Light Truck Tire 50% 50%
Race Tire 65% 35%
Off-highway Tire 20% 80%

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