Tire Chains of 215/60/R17 on a 215/55/R17 tire

Tire Chains of 215/60/R17 on a 215/55/R17 tire

by Edward

Just bought a new car and my chains are not quite right fit. Is this too far off to use or should I go out and buy new chains? Thanks.

Editorial Comment:

Why don't you try mounting one? There's not a tremendous difference between a 60AR and a 55AR with the 60 being the larger of the two. I'd suspect that you could adjust them to fit the smaller tire, but the only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

If you can get a tight fit, you may be OK.

At least you have a chance instead of trying to stretch smaller chains to work on a larger tire.


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by: Wheels Etc

The chain size about which you asked is slightly larger than the tire you are using.

First you should know that chains in general are not really well suited for use on radials, particularly high performance radials.

I imagine you plan to use them only when absolutely necessary? When you do get them on the tire they will be a little loose and that is particularly damaging to the low profile, high performance tire. I suggest you have a professional help with the installation and I am sure they will have a spring tightener or a simple bungee strap to take up the slack which is often found even in the correct size.

Good luck and stay safe when driving on slick roads.

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