Tire chain substitution

Tire chain substitution

Can I use my 205/75 R15 tire chains on 205/65 R15 tires?

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Tire Chains
by: Wheels Etc

I am guessing you have carried this conventional style chain in your car without having to use them in the past. With very little difficulty you would be able to fit this chain on the slightly smaller tire size you described. If you plan to do this please keep a bungee strap with each chain to tighten the tension on the outside of the wheel when you install the chain.
I do not suggest that you will like the results because this style chain is somewhat destructive to the thin sidewall of radial tires. A different style called cable chains are more precisely designed to have a less damaging effect on the sidewall of radials. Take some time to get more information on cable chains by visiting a store that sells them in your area.

Installing Chains
by: Tire Guy

There are actually a variety of different chain devices available for vehicles but the photo shows the most traditional kind.

If you have this type of chain there should be little difficulty in using a chain suitable for a 205/75/R15 tire on a 205/65/R15 tire because it is slightly smaller in over all diameter and the same width. This would mean that you might have to tighten up the part which lays over the sidewall a bit more in order to get the chain to be a snug fit, but apart from that there should be little problem.

Most chains, in any case are often made to be used over a range of tire sizes rather than just on specific size. If you still have the original case in which they were delivered you may even have some indication of the sizes which are most suitable for the chains you have.


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