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Tire Care and Use

This will give you my tire advice concerning the care and use of you vehicle's tires ...

Want the most essential tire advice?

The proper care of tires is not really a difficult thing to do, but if you're not used to doing it, you may have to learn some simple new habits. Doing so will pay-off for you big time. Not only will it save you money through getting more life out of your tires, but it will save you time through not having unexpected flat tires and other problems. Most important it can even save your life.

Remember that the only thing between you and the road which allows you to control that metal monster you call your car or truck are those little patches of rubber from your tires.

Basic Hints

Possibly the most basic tire advice I would want you to have is to keep your inflation pressure right. Next, make sure your tires are balanced, not only when you buy them but throughout their lives. Have your tires rotated regularly and watch for unusual wear patterns which can be signs of alignment defects or other mechanical defects.
If you'll pay attention to the things mentioned above, you'll be on pretty solid ground for getting the most from your tires whether they are all terrain atv tires or the tires on the car you drive everyday.

Now, if you'd like to know even more, see the list below.

Articles with specific tire advice

Alignment 1  Explains why correct wheel or tire alignment is essential to good handling capability of your vehicle and plays an important role in tire life.

Alignment 2 Reveals the signs of misalignment and the Causes of misalignment.

Alignment 3  Describes the elements of Caster, Camber and Toe as they relate to your tire and provides advice on correct procedures.

Did you know tire Balancing  can correct certain vibration problems you feel in a tire?. Advice as to why balancing is important and precisely what it entails.

Car maintenance 1  Describes how one of the easiest ways to save money can be simply by keeping to your manufacturer´s suggested schedule for car maintenance.

Car maintenance 2 Provides more information about steering difficulties, tire tread, tire pressure and fuel consumption.

Car maintenance 3  takes a look at changing oil, gassing up, and fluids checks.

Car rims gives you some ideas of their importance in your car's operation and the care they need.

How to Change Tire provides a video to show you what to do.

A potential disaster involving a Utility Trailer, presents a story of a situation which could have been prevented by attending to some basic details.

In our first article on Damaged Tires  we focus on the variety of dangers for the driver, passengers and the vehicle if tires suffer defects.

Damaged tires 2  describes What can be repaired and provides some precautions you might like to be aware of.

Damaged tires 3  delves in the causes of tire damages and preventative measures which you can take.

Female Tires is a collection of articles especially selected to deal with the topic from the feminine point of view.  Tire Girls is a sampling of questions which I've been asked by female drivers.

Our article on Inflation Pressure  discusses the high importance of this essential factor in tire life and your safety.

Road Hazards discusses a vital but often misunderstood element of tires and the responsibility which manufacturers and dealers have for the tires they sell

Rim and Tire explores the vital combination of these two elements

Rotation  of your tires can increase your tire life -- Tires subject to regular rotation can last up to 20% longer.

Safety Check  is our Do-it-yourself Safety Check for your tires and provides 6 simple safety checks and safe driving tips to save money on tires.

Tire Problems offers some tips from a leading tire company on how to effectively complain to get best results.

If you're an RVer or use boat or utility trailers, you may be suceptible to a tire's silent killer. See this article to find out.

In Tire Pressure you learn how and when to check tire pressure, and where to get the answer to "What is the right pressure anyway?"

Tire valves  goes into why Tire Valves are so important. They don't look like much but are a complex piece of engineering comprised of metal tubes, springs, rubber and plastic that perform a vital task in keeping your car and it's tires functioning as they were designed.

Wear patterns show how tire wear problems lead a professional to diagnose different sorts of mechanical problems. Learn them and you can too. Tire Wear Problems looks at this same topic from a slightly different view

Tread is the part of your tire where "the rubber meets the road. Learn about Measurement, Other checks and irregular tread wear.

Valve covers provide cheap insurance for your vehicle. Just because they're cheap doesn't mean they're not important. Find out just how important they are.

And, at the end of all your learning, if you feel you need a laugh, visit our tire humor, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


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