Taller and Wider

Taller and Wider

by Dean
(Fairfax, Virginia)

Toyota Sienna 2004-2010 has 2 types of OEM wheel size:

1. 215/65R16 with Rim size 16x6.5 offset 50mm
2. 225/60R17 with Rim size 17x6.5 offset 45mm

I want to use Rim size 17x7 with offset 40mm and with tire size 235/60R17 on my van. I am not worry about odo reading wrong but wonder if it affect thing such as ABS, VSC, TRAC and transmission etc... Does it works or the maximum tire size only allow up to 225/60/R17?

Editorial Comment:

To start, you might want to check our Tire Size Calculator, if you haven't already done so. It will help keep things in perspective.

Based on the results which the calculator shows, I don't have any great concerns over your proposal because the difference in the two sizes isn't that much. What might pose a problem is the change in the offset, but it hardly seems enough to seem significant.

I'd really like to do a test fitting before making a final committment, but possibly you can pre-judge the consequences by seeing how much room you have on either side of your tires/wheels with your existing setup. If you have at least 15mm to work with, this change is not likely to pose any problem.

Yes, it's possible that the systems you named will be affected minimally by this change, but because the change is so small it's not likely to be beyond the normal tolerances which are engineered into them.


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The Change you have chosen
by: Wheels Etc

I agree the difference is minimal however, the availability is significantly less on the size you have chosen. I would suggest you consider the most popular size in that particular arena. The P235/55 R 17 has been used by nearly every City, County and State police agency across the country and is easily found in both new and used tires just about anywhere. Pricing on Chinese imports is very low for a new tire and the high quality Police pursuit tires are also very reasonable in high tread condition due to most agency's policy to not repair nail hole injuries. You can safely patch a high quality tire and expect exceptional service over longer periods of time.

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