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Best tips for buying tires
buying tires can be a difficult thing at times even for the professional and a horrifying experience for the first time buyer. This guide will help you simplify the job and inform you of what you need to know
Tire advice on Care and Use
Tire advice: How to make your tires last and keep your car safe.
Tips on tire types
tire types: The Variety and kinds of tires available
About buying tires online
tires online: Things you need to know when you shop for tires online
Tire information and tips
tire information: Articles about just about every tire-related topic you could imagine and information not generally found in other places. If you've looked 'there' and haven't found it, it's time to look here!
Tire Humor -- the lighter side of tires
Tire humor: not everything about tires is black
Tire Forums
Tire Forum cover a variety of topics from the very serious to the light-hearted.
4X4 Truck Tires
4x4 truck tires: big boys that still like to play in the sand
Deciphering tire terminology
tire terminology: Tire terms and what they mean to a tire user
Kansas City Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Kansas City
Los Angeles Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Los Angeles
Mesa Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Mesa
Milwaukee tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Milwaukee
Minneapolis Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Minneapolis
Oakland Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Oakland
Oklahoma City Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Oklahoma City
Philadelphia Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Philadelphia
Pittsburgh Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Pittsburgh
Portland Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Portland
Fresno Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Fresno
Houston Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Houston
Tire Facts and Trivia
Tire Facts: What is a much do you really know?
Tire history in brief
tire history: Where and when were tires invented
The Essentials of tire traction
Tire traction: understanding how your tire holds the road could save your life
Bridgestone Firestone
Bridgestone Firestone
About Continental Tires AG
Continental Tires, Conti
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
DOT Code
DOT Codes --Company Sort
DOT Codes
DOT Codes: Who makes your tires and where
Dunlop Tires
Dunlop Tires
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Maxxis Tires
List of tire makers
tire makers: A list of companies that produce tires.
Belshina Tires
Belshina Tires
Corker Tires
Corker Tires
Daehan Tires
Daehan Tires
General Tire
General Tire company
Gislaved dack
Gislaved dack
B.F. Goodrich
BF Goodrich
Hankook Tire
Hankook Tire Group
Michelin Tire
Michelin Tire Company
Tips on tire balancing
tire balancing: Most everything you need to know about keeping your tires in great shape
The components of a tire
tire components: what modern tires are made of
Tire Brands
A listing of tire brands to identify manufacturers.
Tips to controlling inflation pressure
Tire Information World's guide to inflation pressure
Your Tire Experience -- Tell the great stories and encourage others to give us great deals and service by telling what we like
Great tire experience stories
Tire Trivia
Fun facts and tire trivia tire trivia: A collection of miscellaneous tire-related stories, ideas, thoughts, musings, even music, if you wish!
Yokohama Tires
Yokohama Rubber -- 7th largest tire manufacturer in the world
Tire sidewall deterioration -- a tire's silent killer
If you love your tires, keeping them in the dark will prevent tire sidewall deterioration
About your Passion and about Site Build It
Build your own website like tire information world? Use Site Build It!
Levels of tire protection
Consumer tire protection comes in different guises. Learn what they are and increase the value of your tire purchases.
Tips On Getting Along With Tire Dealer
A tire dealer can help keep your driving adventures where and when you want them
Información Acerca Neumáticos
Todo sobre neumaticos
Classic Tire Wear Problems Help Uncover Vehicle Problems
Tire wear problems are often symptoms of other problems...
Tire Rotation
Tire rotation not only increases tire life -- it might extend your's too!
Tire consumer table of contents of
List of the tire pages useful to the tire consumer such as passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and others published on
Importance of Tire Pressure
Tire Pressure is the most important factor in preserving tires
Tire Pressure
Correct Tire Pressure increases useful tire life
Tire wear problems provide important information to you
Tire wear problems are often symptoms of other problems...
Tire wear problems offer clues to mechanical problems of a car, and serve as an early warning system if regularly inspected
Your car's defects are revealed in its tire wear problems
Tire Tread Tips
Regular inspection of tread is vital to tire care
Nokian Tires
Corporate information about Nokian Tires
Alignment The Female Perspective
Alignment from the female perspective
Tires from the viewpoint of today's woman
Question and views of tires from the female perspective
Tire inflation
Inflation pressure from the female perspective
Safety And Tires: The Female Point Of View.
The safety check of tires from the female perspective
Tire Pressure From The Female Perspective
How keeping the proper tire pressure can affect your life
Tire Rotation from a female perspective
Tire rotation can lengthen the life span and even out the wear of your tires
Tire Wear
Tire wear from a female perspective
Caring for tire tread from the female perspective.
The female perspective--using treadwear to compare value
Using Treadwear -- Part II
The female perspective--using treadwear to compare value with a handy calculator tool
Questions the girls ask about tires
Information and questions which female drivers ask about tires
Tire Questions Part I
Typical Questions about tires from female drivers
Typical Tire Questions II
Typical Questions and Answers about tires from female users
Tire Questions part III
Questions and answers about tires
Tire Questions Part IV
Tire Questions and Answers Part IV
The Essentials of Coker tires
Coker Tires
All terrain Tires
Choosing all terrain tires on line can be a challenge which we can help you overcome.
The hot world of ATV tires and wheels
about ATV tires and wheels and the exciting off road world they open up
Special Tips
a collection of special tips and tidbits which are too good to keep hidden away
ATV Mud Tires
About atv mud tires, what makes them special and why they're necessary
Automobile tires
Automobile tires today are a long shot from what they were not so long ago but some basic knowlege still goes a long way.
Tire Humor
Tire repair - Humor
Tire Change Video
A funny video about changing tires
Tire Change Video
A funny video about changing tires
Tire Change Video
How the ladies change a tire
Tire Change Video
A funny video about changing tires
Tire Change Video
Tire Change Video
A funny video about changing tires
Tire Humor Forum
Tires can be funny too, here's where you can share your chuckles with others
Tire Change Video
How to change a tire according to Angelina James.
Tire Markings
Tire Markings: How to read the writing that's on the wall ... the tire's sidewall
Tire Concerns Forum
Our Tire Concerns forum deals with all matters which matter to you whether it's a question, a problem, an issue which you belive needs social or government action
Dangers Associated with Driving on Damaged Tires
Damaged tires present a variety of dangers for the driver, passengers and the vehicle
Damaged Tires and their Repairs
Damaged tires and the solutions you can use
Solutions to Damaged Tires
Damaged tires don't have to be a disaster. Tips and ideas to keep you safe
Light Truck Tires are used on more than trucks
Making the right choice in light truck tires can be easy when you ask the right questions.
Military tires: A necessary evil or a hugh boondoggle?
Military tires are one key example of changing tire needs in todays ecological environment
Run-Flat Tires
Run-flat tires: are they the perfect solution for people who hate flat tires?
Tire Humor
Blown out Tire - Humor
Canadian tire
humor - canadian tire
Antique Tires Part II
Where do you find antique tires like whitewalls and redlines?
Canadian tire
humor - canadian tire
Wheelbarrow Freestyle
humor - Wheelbarrow Freestyle
Tire Humor
Changing a Tire - Humor
Tire Humor - flat tire/Cold hands
Flat tire - humor
RollerBlading video
tire humor - RollerBlading
A Potential Disaster Involving Utility Trailer Tires
Utility trailer tires: They need love and care, too
The Flat tire miracle
flat tire - Humor
Street Bike
humor - Street bike
Flat Tire and Thermometer Humor
flat tire - Humor
Tire Humor
Snow tires - Humor
The Essentials of Farm Tractor Tires
Farm tractor tires: are radials the future for farming or just so much hot air?
Tire Humor
Company Cars - Humor
flat tire and chemistry exams
humor - flat tire
Firestone Slogan
humor - Firestone Slogan
Flat Tire And Road Side Safety
humor - a blonde changes a flat tire
Flat Tire Changing In The Military
humor - flat tire
Flat Tire
Letter of complaint to Shell Oil over problem with flat tire
flat tire and mental problems
humor - flat tire
Flat Tire And Eternal Gratitude
humor - flat tire
Teenaged drivers and tire problems
humor - front tire
The Essentials of lawn mower tires
are lawn mower tires serious business or a sign of too much spare time?
Spare Tire
humor - Spare Tire
Detroit Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Detroit
Tire Sale
humor - Tire Sale
tire tread
humor - tire tread
The Essentials of Lawn Tractor Tires
Lawn tractor tires for people with big lawns or big wallets?
The Essentials of Michelin off-road tires
Michelin off-road tires: Is Michelin the King or just a fancy pretender?
The Essentials Of Off Road Tires
off road tires: What an enthusistic off-roader says
The Essentials of scooter tires
scooter tires: Some basic tips for slick little scooters
Super swamper tires take the hard work out of mud
super-swamper-tires: What an informed driver needs to know
Tire Humor - big wheel races
big wheel races - humor -video
Tire Humor - flat tire or swollen wheels
Flat tire - humor
Tire Humor - Flat Tire - Cannons Law
flat tire - humor
Tire Humor - New Tires
new tires cheaper than Walmart- humor
Tire Humor - Ski Jump Tire
ski jump tire - humor -video
Tire Humor - New Tires
new tires cheaper than Walmart- humor
Tire Humor - Tires save lives
Tires save lives - humor -video
Tire Humor - unicycle
unicycle - humor -video
The Essentials of 4x4 mud tires
4x4 mud tires: for boys who love to play in the mud
Dallas Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in Dallas
Motorcycle tires: The Essentials
motorcycle tires: keep you tail on the seat and off the road
Motorcycle Tires for trail bikes
Motorcycle tires: getting your motorcycle tires to stick to a trail is easy
Motorcycle Tires For Sport And Race
Motorcycle tires: Super bike tires for temporary citizens on guided missiles
Motorcycle tires for tourers and cruisers
Motorcycle tires: are motorcycle tourers and cruisers just a sign of a mid-life crisis?
The Essentials of Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance, and the overall health of your tires
The Essentials Of Car Maintenance
car maintenance: What an informed driver needs to know
The Essentials of Mud Machine Tires
Mud Machine Tires: Is mud machining a serious sport or just grown men pretending to be boys?
Truck Mud Tires
The Essentials Of Truck Mud Tires
Truck mud tires: Are they really needed or just an excuse for big boys to play in the mud?
Car rims' vital part in Car Maintenance
car rims: What an informed driver needs to know
KISS the rim and tire
rim and tire: Remember the KISS formula and you'll go far
About trailer tires
trailer tires: What an informed driver needs to know to choose and buy them
B F Goodrich Tires
B F Goodrich Tires: A brief overview of the company and the brand
About Good Year Tires
Good Year Tires: A concise overview of one of the world's oldest and best known tire companies
About Michelin tires
Michelin tires: a brief summary of the company and its most well-known trademark
The Current State Of Rubber Recycling
Rubber Recycling: What do you do with hundreds of millions of dead tires?
Bridgeport Tires
Users tips and selected dealers in Bridgeport
Free portable treadwear calculator
Register to receive the free portable treadwear calculator from
Diy Safety Check
safety check: Tips and Advice for safer driving and longer tire life
Tire Review Forum
Tire Review Forum: The place where you can learn what other users say about the tires that interest you, or share your experiences with others
The Essentials Of Commercial Trailer Tires Wheels
Commercial trailer tires, wheels and you got yourself a convoy
El Paso Tires
Tire user's tips and selected dealers in El Paso
Tire Rack's Website
Tire Rack: Some ideas of what you'll find and what to look for when you visit their website
Will Tire Rack give you a good deal?
Tire Rack: Questions and doubts that need to be cleared up before shopping online, or off.
Siping a sophisticated art or pure snake oil?
Siping a practice used by off roaders, and others to improve tire traction
Rim and tire ... keeping them healthy
The Rim and tire are an important couplet in your car's life and good operation. Here's what you need to know.
Tire ratings and tire reviews
Tire ratings: How can you use them when looking for the best tires for your needs?
About Tire Reviews
Tire Reviews are an important aid to buying new or replacement tires.
All About plus sizing
plus sizing: You may have heard about this but do you understand what it's all about? Here's the complete story, including a handy calculator.
Shopping for discount rims
discount rims: For the first-time buyer, some tips and precautions for the best deal
Tips on Snapper Lawn Mower Tires
Snapper Lawn Mower Tires: You think just any old tire will work for a lawn mower?
Tire Brands and Makers
Tire Brands and Makers: A quick way to discover what you need to know about the worlds tire brands and manufacturers.
Pirelli tires
Pirelli tires: brief profile of one of the worlds major tire companies
Toyo Tires
Toyo Tires: also operating in the US as Nitto Tires, is one of Japan's major tire companies
ATV tires cheap
ATV tires cheap: What to look for, what to get
tire tracks forum
tire tracks: A visual collection of images, designs, and visual concepts related to tires
Tire Tracks Beach
tire tracks beach: Another classic area for producing dramatic photos.
Tire Tracks Dishes
tire tracks dishes: Would you eat off these plates?
Tire Tracks Rings
tire tracks rings: Even jewelry can be dramatically influenced by tire design.
Tire Tracks Rug
tire tracks rug: Interesting rug design
Tire Tracks Snow
tire tracks snow: Snow and tires can produce some interesting effects.
Tire Show Off
tire show off: The place to show off your hot car, truck or favorite vehicle.
Contact Us
Contact Us Contact Us: for comments,suggestions or complaints about
How To Change A Tire
How to change a tire: a serious video on how to do it.
Tire Stud Regulations
Tire Stud Regulations: Summary Table of Regulations in different Jurisdictions.
Tire Suppliers Section Of Tire-Information-World.Com
Essential information for people and businesses on the supply side of the tire world. Suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, professionals, careers, tools, businesses and services for the tire trade.
Studded tire report
Studded tire report: Summary of an extensive study conducted by the state of Washington on the effectiveness of studded tires.
Commercial truck tires
Commercial truck tires: Maintaining a commercial fleet for maximum profit requires some basic steps.
America's Tire Company
America's Tire Company, Discount Tire Company and Discount Tire Direct: three companies in one.
Discount Tire Company
Discount Tire Company, America's Tire Company and Discount Tire Direct ... 3 operations in 1.
Discount Tire Direct
Discount Tire Direct: The mail order division of Discount Tire Company.
Discount Tire Direct
Discount Tire Direct: Thoughts on ordering suspension modification kits
Tire Warehouse Inc.
Tire Warehouse: A well established regional tire and auto parts dealer
nitrogen inflation: justified or just-a-waste?
4 wheeler tires
4 wheeler tires: Whether you're talking 4 wheelers, quads, or ATV's tires are an essential to have and to care for.
Discount tire coupons
Discount tire coupons: Ideas of how to use them for even greater value for your money
SBI Experience
SBI Experience: A revealing personal account of experience with a top selling web building package.
About Us
About Us: A look under the lid of Tire Information
Used tractor tires
Used tractor tires: Alternative solutions for dealing with the high cost of tires for agriculture equipment.
Aprovechando De Su Comercio De Llantas
Algunas pautas para sacar mejor provecho del comercio donde venden las llantas
comprando llantas
comprando llantas podria ser un desafio muy dificil para uno que nunca ha hecho antes, pero no tiene que ser tan malo si sabe algunas cosas basicos.
Consejos De Llantas
Consejos de llantas
Tire Failure
What causes tire failure? Most tires fail for reasons which a driver can predict and avoid. Learn how to detect them.
Hechos sobre llantas y trivialidades
Que es una llanta...Realmente lo sabes?
Terminologia De Llantas
Terminologia de llantas: Terminos de llantas y su significacion.
Una adecuada de la rueda es posiblemente el factor más esencial para optimizar la vida de las llantas después de cuidar la presión de las llantas. ¿Qué es alineación y cuando necesitas ajustarla?
Los Clásicos Problemas De Desgaste De Llantas Ayudan A Descubrir Problemas De Tu Vehículo
Los problemas de desgaste de llantas son a menudo síntomas de otros problemas...
Balanceo De Llantas
Balanceo de llantas desde la perspectiva femenina
Discount Wheels
Discount Wheels: Are a hot item with many car lovers and the internet makes it easier than ever to shop for those gems.
Forensic Science
Forensic Science: Tire prints can be as individual as fingerprints, learn how science and tires affects what you buy and use.
Scooters are becomming ever more popular. Is there going to be one in your life soon?
Llantas baratas: dónde encontrarlas y cómo comprarlas
Comprar llantas baratas es a menudo como entrar a un juego de azar con los dados cargados de alguien más Este artículo describe qué tienes que ver si quieres entrar al juego
Rotaci—n de llantas
La rotaci—n de llantas no solo incrementa su vida -- ÁtambiŽn puede extender la tuya!
Marcaciones de las llantas
Marcaciones de las llantas: Cómo leer la escritura que está en la pared ... la pared lateral de la llanta
Niveles De Protección De Llantas
La protección de llantas para los usuarios viene en diferentes formas. Aprende cuóles son e incrementa el valor de la compra de tus llantas.
Tips Sobre Valvulas De Llantas
Valvulas de llantas: Estos son los ítems que pueden hacer de tu viaje un exito o fracaso, ganar o perder una carrera o dejarte abandonado(a) en medio de la nada A company you wish to avoid if you want to avoid problems.
BF Goodrich Tires
BF Goodrich Tires: Get to know this brand by understanding its guarantee.
Llantas de automóvile
Hoy las llantas de automóvile estan lejos de lo que eran no hace muchos tiempo pero algunos conocimietos basicos continuan para largo
BF Goodrich
bf goodrich: Knowing what you can be expected to do to claim a warranty of BGF
BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich: Sports and racing events sponsored
Goodyear Trailer Tires
Goodyear Trailer Tires: Know them and get good value from them.
Heat cycling
Heat cycling: An essential step in preparing for the race.
Share this website
Share this website: Be a hero, help others know about their tires.
Tips en aros con descuento
Aros con descuento: ¿Deberías comprar aros con descuento?
bfgoodrich tires
bfgoodrich tires: Get to know one of the markets most popular brands.
BFGoodrich Tires
bfgoodrich tires: Get to know one of the markets most popular brands.
Tips sobre llantas de carros de golf
Llantas de carro de golf: Cosas que necesitas saber cuando estas comprandolas
Marcas de llantas
Un listado de marcas de llantas para identificar fabricantes.
Insurance Claims
Insurance Claims: Tips and ideas to make effective insurance claims.
Tire Brands and Makers
Tire Brands and Makers: The web's most comprehensive listing of world's tire brands and manufacturers.
STS Tire
STS Tire ranks as one of the top five independent tire dealers in the USA
Tire Problems
Tire problems: How you deal with some problems can often determine the kind of solution you get. Tips from a major tire maker.
Douglas Tires
Douglas Tires: About the private brand owned by Walmart
Tire Size, DOT Code
Tire Size and the DOT Code, how to determine size from the code. Over 800 tire sizes listed. Tire Size and the DOT Code, how to determine size from the code. Over 800 tire sizes listed.
Cheap Truck Tires
Cheap Truck Tires: Retreads may be the best and logical choice to save your pockebook and the environment.
Cheap Truck Tires
Cheap Truck Tires: How to care for your Retreads.
Discount tire coupons
Discount tire coupons: Ideas of how to use them for even greater value for your money
Recession Proof Business
Recession Proofing: My salvation to the recession came from a hobby
Recession Proof Small Business Ideas
For me the best of recession proof small business ideas was my hobby
Kelly Springfield Tires
The company which produces Kelly Springfield Tires is one of the longest surviving American tire companies
Kumo Tires or Kumho Tires?
Is it Kumo Tires or Kumho. About the company and how to remember
Mavis Discount Tire
About Mavis Discount Tire a major tire retailer in the North Eastern United States.
Merchants Tire
The story of Merchants Tire
Canadian Tire Catalogue
Canadian Tire Catalogue
Merchants Tire and Auto
The story of Merchants Tire and Auto
Big Ten Tires
The Dream and the Story Behind Big Ten Tires
BMW motorcycle tires
BMW motorcycle tires can be a challenge to find and buy. This article deals with that challenge.
Canadian Tire Canada
The story of Canadian Tire, Canada's Friendly Retail Giant
Pep Boys Tires
A comprehensive overview of Pep Boys Tires and what they offer to tire users.
Canadien Tire
Canadien Tire has reached almost icon status in Canada, we fill in the details.
Remington Tires
Remington Tires have been around for decades but finding out about them isn't easy. This article will help.
Wild Country Tires
Wild Country Tires may be one of the best kept secrets around ... until you read this article.
Goodyear Truck Tires
Goodyear Truck Tires promise big returns to those who invest in using them
Tire America
What's Tire America ... a search term or a real entity?
Goodyear Eagle Tires
Goodyear Eagle Tires has a rich assortment available. Here's a primer to help you know what's what.
continental motorcycle tires
continental motorcycle tires provide that most important connection between the cycle and the ground ... here's how to make the most of it.
American Motorcycle Tire
About American Motorcycle Tire, what they have, what to expect.
Metzler Motorcycle Tires
Metzler Motorcycle Tires are really Metzeler Tires ... there's an extra e in the name and a lot more in the tires.
Motorcycle Tires
All about Motorcycle Tires: the assortment available, where to get them, how to best use them.
Michelin motorcycle tires
Michelin motorcycle tires are without a doubt among the world's top rated, but do you know just how much they have to offer?
Discount Tire Stores
The story of Discount Tire Stores: innovator and leader in tire retailing
Goodyear Wrangler Tires
Goodyear Wrangler Tires aren't simply Wranglers any more --the range has expanded greately. Our guide helps you get oriented...
Tire treadwear -- evaluate tires before and afterpurchase
Treadwear rating a valuable tool. How to use tire treadwear in comparing tires for purchase or performance evaluation, price comparison, and expected mileage
Tire Safety
Each June is Tire Safety week in the US. Learn how safe tires really are.
Guide to sellers of tires and related products
Tire Information World's comprehensive directory to buy tires and related products and services.
Road Hazard
Road Hazard Insurance and manufacturer responsibility for tire problems is a topic which is widely complained about. We clarify some important issues for tire users.
Tire Size Calculator
Use this tire size calculator to quickly and easily calculate and compare alternate sizes for your current tire, to see Plus Sizing alternatives or to compare any two tires against each other
Tire Size Convertor
This Tire Size Convertor provides the equivalent tire sizes in ISO Metric and Light Truck Notation systems
Rim and Tire Sizes
Rim and Tire Sizes shows what sized tires may be used on specific rims for Passenger Vehicles
Tire Sizes FAQ
FAQs about Tire Sizes, wheel sizes, alternate tire sizes and plus sizing
Tire treadwear -- use it to estimate mileage
How to use tire treadwear to estimate the number of miles use you can expect from a new tire.
Using Tire treadwear to estimate tire life
How to use tire treadwear to estimate the life span of a tire you've never used before.
Speed Rating
Speed Rating explained: Removing the mystery from speed and load ratings on tires
Load Rating
Load Rating and speed rating demystified
Motorcycle Drifting
Drifing on motorocycles has become an adrenaline pumping motor sport some people love
Load Range
Load Range or ply rating of a tire tells you how much load it will support.
Blog: Keep up to date on the latest from Tire Information World
Tire Safety day-to-day
How to simply add Tire Safety to your daily routine

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