Super Swamper Tires - Not for the Faint of Heart

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There is no disputing the fact that Super Swamper Tires are the way to go in most mud, sand and rock situations. Swamper tires have huge lugs and large voids in between, they quickly self-clean the tread of mud as your vehicle powers through the bog.

On rocks, the lugs work like huge fingers, gripping the terrain like giant hands and pulling your vehicle across the harshest ground. Sand work is equally impressive, but you really need good horsepower to be up to the task.

All this comes at a price and there are obvious negative aspects to this very aggressive style of tire. They are the closest thing to tractor performance and certainly not suitable in any application other than seriously challenging terrain.

Road Manners

The Road noise given off by Super Swamper Tires can be irritating, loud and downright disturbing at times. It depends on your suspension, the type of roads you are traveling on and how load your stereo is, but the novelty of having a beefy-looking tire wears off instantly for some. In fact, if you’re a fan of intimate discussions on long drives, I would forget Super Swampers. I have seen some suggestions of 55 decibels at 55 mph on roads, that is probably enough to cause hearing damage over a long exposure period.

super swamper truck tires

Road manners in general can be a concern for this type of tire. I mentioned above the way they grab at rocky terrain like huge fingers, they also grab and bite at the road. The normal driving manners of any vehicle will change when these boggers are mounted, turning a quiet horse into a bucking bronco. It’s no exaggeration, your car will become very difficult to manage.

The first 5 miles every morning will be the worst until they warm up. This is especially evident with bias ply. You can expect low mileage from each set, examples might be 10,000 miles per set.

They are a beefier tire, with thick sidewalls to resist penetration by sharp objects. This extra weight can be noticeable if your engine is conservative on horsepower and torque. It can also affect your fuel economy.

The Nitty Gritty

Super swampers are about off-road Performance. There is no middle ground with Super Swamper Tires. If you spend considerable time driving through extremely challenging terrains then these are the tires for you. They are thick and tough to withstand harsh treatment and can be aired down with confidence.

You get all this performance off road at the expense of street manners. Fuel economy will also be affected and your neighbors will hate you if you park on their grass. The tires will dig in and leave a footprint like a tractor would.

These tires are really only intended to see action on roads when there is a need to cross one to get from one bog to the next.


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