Steering Noise in 2004 Mazda 6

Steering Noise in 2004 Mazda 6

When I crank the wheel all the way it sounds like a crunching noise or creaking sound.

Regarding your steering wheel noise:

The only plausible connection I can imagine this would have to tires is if you are using tires which are either wider or higher than the original tires that the car was designed to use. In some of those cases you might experience rubbing against some part of the car's body when you turn the steering wheel to the extreme left or right.

I say "might" because there is a certain degree of extra clearance available that would permit larger tires to be used without any effect of this kind, in which case you'd want to proceed just as if you are using the OEM tires.

If you are using the recommended tire for the car (check for a sticker on the driver's door post or your user's manual) then a more likely explanation for the steering noise would be that your car is suffering from some mechanical defect or condition which you should discuss with a mechanic.

You did not mention whether you heard this noise when the car is in motion or simply when you turn the steering wheel to the extreme sides. If the car is not in motion that virtually eliminates tires from the question but if it is moving that doesn't automatically point to tires. It could be something very simple, such as a foreign object somehow stuck in the vehicle to some other major defect which only a mechanic would be able to deal with.


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