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Don't Make Snap Decisions When It Comes To Your Snapper Lawn Mower Tires

I know it's easy to think, "What's to know about Snapper lawn mower tires, a lawn mower is just a mower and tires are just tires," I used to do it.  Now I've learned there's a lot to know about these tires, meaning one must consider not just tires, but also the terrain these tires will be driving on. Regardless what you think, mower tires do matter.

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What's fascinating is that if you look for Snapper mower tires, you will find over 27 types of Snapper mowers and each comes with various sized tires. Who would have thought? I mean it's just a lawnmower for heaven's sake.

Did you know they make snow mowers (well, actually snow blowers) and you need good traction tires for this unit? Front tires are most often different sizes than the rear tires and there are different treads available.


Snapper mowers use rib tires on their walk behind mowers. These tires, designed to provide traction while minimizing turf damage, are small solid rubber tires. On the riding mowers, the ribs run horizontal on front tires and vertically on the rear tires. Snapper refers to their front mower tires as smooth tread and rear as turf saver tires. (Now you know a couple of  terms to use.) When it comes to mower tires, the name is not always intuitive and the best way to get your needs met is to ask a lot of questions at the tire shop or lawn mower service shop.

When looking for Snapper brand tires, or any other mower tires for that matter, there are four basic types of tires to consider:

  1. classic rib tires,
  2. traction tires,
  3. smooth tires, and
  4. studded tires. snapper mower tire

Each type of tire provides different levels of traction or minimizes turf damage. The good news is that all these kinds of tires come in various sizes and should fit your mower. Just like with an automobile, you should know your tire size before you shop and you should know the type of terrain you mow on the most.

snapper mower tire

Most lawn mower tires are in-expensive. You can find tires of various sizes and types that range between $8.00 to $30.00 each. As with any tire, there are a few things to remember when it comes to getting the most out of your tires. If your tires are inflatable, keeping your tires to the proper inflation will reduce wear. Check your owner's manual to find proper inflation pressure.

Just as for tires in general, where there is much information to consider, lawn mower tires are no different. When you add looking for Snapper lawn mower tires into the mix, it just adds another level of excitement to your tire shopping adventure. Just link any other purchase, it pays to ask as many questions as it takes for you to be satisfied. Don't make snap decisions when it comes to your Snapper tires.

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