People Turning to Scooters to Save Their Wallets

With the elevated level of fuel prices, a scooter makes a perfect option to the bowser blues everyone in the world is suffering. A Scooter isn't just cheap on fuel. Maintenance costs, tires, registration and everything else seems to be cheaper as well..

scooterHowever, suggest a scooter as a means of transport and you're likely to get a polarized opinion from most of us living outside of Asia and Europe. For some people, a scooter is a stylish mode of transport, perhaps even a mode of self expression that offers a sense of freedom and affordability at the same time.

For others, the suggestion of a scooter as transport is an insult to their sensibilities. Many people subscribe to the "bigger is safer" mantra, so a scooter is the opposite to everything they believe in. Especially if you're commuting a long way to work each day.

In Asia and Europe, people don't tend to commute a long way to work like they do in countries like America. Also, the streets aren't congested with heavy vehicles and cruising speeds are more suitable for scooters.

Becoming a Two-Wheel Bandit Doesn't Mean You're Marlon Brando

Any type of motorcycle is generally thrifty. In addition, because of our love of the motorcycle, including dirt bikes, atvs, mopeds, the trusty go kart and anything else that can be made to go fast, racing technology has refined these machines to a point of maximum efficiency.

colored scooter tire

A 50cc scooter will use far less gasoline than even the smallest and most efficient cars. And with newer, greener, scooters that are cheap and clean to run, the environmentally concerned will start to see them as a trusted mode of transport, too.

Cheap Tires

Tires are typically as cheap as chips. The main things you need to consider when choosing a set of tires for your scooter are the type of roads you're going to ride over and the distance. It's definitely not rocket science and you should get really good mileage from your scooter tires, too.

More people are using a scooter to get around. Not only that, more industry sectors are using small atvs, quads, scooters, dirt bikes and motorcycles to provide services instead of larger 4 wheel drives and automobiles.

Pollution Vs Fuel Economy

Less fuel doesn't always mean less pollution. The trusty old scooters of Asia were commonly using 50cc two-stroke engines (where oil and gasoline are mixed automatically) that used very little fuel but tended to be very heavy polluters.

These days, four stroke engines in scooters running on Liquid Petroleum Gas, or LPG, are gaining a strong following. In fact, the city of Shanghai has banned gasoline motor scooters because of emission concerns. LPG scooters are also becoming extremely popular in Europe because of similar concerns.

LPG is cheap to buy and the engines burn more efficiently than two-strokes. Just about any four stroke engine can run on LPG or other forms of cleaner and greener gas.

And now the latest trend seems to be electric scooters. Speed and range still seem to be somewhat limited, but with the apparent popularity of these little tykes, this is certain to improve.

Whatever the form of power, scooters are definitely in a growth mode, and it looks like we're going to be seeing many more of them, no matter where we live and drive.


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