My SBI experience

Although started in 2004, I've been using SBI (short for Site Build It!) virtually ever since it was first available, which I think was in late 1999.

I discovered SBI because, in 1998, I purchased a book about how to build an effective web site called Make Your Site Sell.

I was so impressed by the ideas used in the book to make any web site effective, and by the honest, straight-forward approach used by the author I immediately signed on to be an affiliate for promoting the book. (Even though it was revised and updated, it is no longer for sale, but you can get it for free at MYSS.)

It was through this affiliation that I learned that Ken Evoy, the author, was planning to offer a package of tools, called Site Build It!, to build and host a web page implementing all of the ideas expressed in his book and a number of other tools as well.   I signed up, I believe, even before it was available to the general public, and have never regretted it.

What a package it was! In SBI, Ken put virtually everything he'd been teaching in Make Your Site Sell together into a web-hosting service that would allow anyone to build a successful web site step-by-step with all the tools and services one would ever need in one package and all for one reasonable price.

One of the fundamental ideas which Ken teaches is "Over-delivery."  Over and over again he has demonstrated that he lives by that philosophy in SBI.  Whatever he has promised, he has delivered in excess. Even with his money back guarantee he has never flinched.

There were  several occasions during the early days of SBI, when it was considerably less functional that it is today, that I had complained about certain problems and I was always offered the option of having my money refunded.  I never took it:  the problems have been fixed and the package has expanded far beyond what anyone ever imagined it might be.

My Hobby

From the beginning, Site Build It was a hobby for me but it is important to point out that SBI is a complete business-building package. The aim of the package is to lead users, step-by-step, through a solid, proven process to build a successful, profitable business on the internet. (It also works, for non-businesses, just leaving off the monetization part.)

I've seen many of the other users of SBI come in and build their businesses, yet I've kept on as a hobby.  (You can read about some of the SBI Successes here, if you wish.)

Why would I keep on as a hobby, while so many others are sky-rocketing past me with spectacular businesses? It's really quite simple: I've never needed the money but I like the company.

By "company" I don't mean, Site Sell Inc, but the people behind it (like Ken Evoy) and the people who participate in the associated activities like the on line forum.  We even went on a Caribbean Cruise with a group.

SBI Cruise Group

This was a fully, self-financed tour, paid for personally by all of the participants, just for the sake of meeting with each other in person, instead of on line.

The First SBI Cruise

On the cruise, I personally met some of those people who have built successful businesses and can honestly state that they are all sincere, honest, and interesting people from all over the world. Just a few that are in the above photo include Thrandur from Iceland, Kenth from Sweden, Erwin from the Netherlands, Tomaz from Solvenia, Richard, Jim, Debs and Carla from the US, Audrey and Geoff from Canada.

None of these people, who are all independent, were the least bit critical or put any pressure on me to change my ways.  On the other hand, they were open to share their ideas and experiences with me and with everyone --which they do -- as volunteers -- in a forum which is open for all SBI users without added cost. I reveal another aspect of the SBI forums in this article.

Didn't I feel a bit ashamed or embarrassed? Not the least! You see, this isn't some kind of a business scheme where they suck you in and then try to get you to rope all your friends and relatives in to build a business based on your contacts and goodwill. In fact, there is a place for folks, like me, who want to just enjoy their hobby -- but in the company of good people.

If you're interested in building a website of your own, and want a good guide to help you along the way, I have no hesitation in recommending SBI.  There's an excellent introductory video available here.

 In the interests of keeping everything open and above board I want you to know that I get a referral fee if you choose to get SBI through one of the links from TIW, most of which I'll likely just plow back into more and better things for this web site.  But there are two important things you might like to know: 

  • First, you can try SBI for 30 days and get a 100% refund if you don't like it, and
  • second, you will have a lifetime of personal support on my part. 

That is to say, that if you let me know I was "responsible" for you getting started with SBI, I will be happy to add all my experience and knowledge to help you in your web building adventure.  Just send me an email through the contact form here.


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