Saxon Snowblazer Winter Tires

Saxon Snowblazer Winter Tires

by Dave

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What can you tell me about Saxon winter tires called snowblazers?

Editorial Comment:

Saxon Snowblazers seem to be a private brand of tire sold in Canada principally by La Cie Canada Tire Inc.

They are manufactured in the US by Eldorado Tire which was established in Michigan in 1966 by Kelly Calamari, as a member-owned private brand tire company.

In 1970, The Cooper Tire and Rubber Company became the exclusive manufacturer of Eldorado Tires and in 1995 Treadways Corporation became the owner of the company.

Now headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they sell their tires to over 90 distributors and to hundreds of dealers all over North America.

These snow tires seem to be extremely well liked by most people who have used them, as evidenced by the sampling of comments we have received (below).


Comments for Saxon Snowblazer Winter Tires

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saxton snow tires
by: Anonymous

When you are driving across Canada so much as I do, you don't fool around on the TCH 1.

I have driven with all kinds of tires and these Saxton SNOWBLAZERS winter tires are what I trust my life to.

Take it seriously, when you are on the tch at 4 am in a blizzard, I am comfortable with these tires.

When you are traveling across Canada in winter, write a comment that's serious, people's lives depend on this information.
by: Anonymous

I couldn't believe the comments I'm seeing here that are so overwhelmingly positive. Maybe it's that everyone else has the studded version (mine are unstudded), but living in Nova Scotia and having winters that are very wet and slushy, as well as windy with lots of snow drifts, these are honestly the WORST winter tires I've ever seen!

These tires are actually the catalyst for me spending countless hours researching tire reviews before buying anything now, because I couldn't believe that a tire could be that bad. The all-season tires that the dealer included with the car actually have better wet/slush handling than these. Don't get me wrong, these have good handling on dry, icy conditions (also terrible grip on dry clear conditions though... I've spun out on dry pavement countless times). But if you have winters where the temp usually changes 20 degrees C in one day, these are NOT the tires for you. I can see them working in someplace out on the prairies or inland where the winters are very cold and dry and consistent, but here when the temps are around -10 on average these SUCK!!! Every winter I hydroplane on slush at least once, and have to crawl up a hill going about 10km on the unpaved shoulder of the highway 1-5 times a year as well. Hands down worst winter tire I have EVERRRR seen. Tires like these are what turn people off of winter tires and make them use all seasons in the winter... which is downright dangerous... but then again so are these! The snow actually picks up on the tires and turns them into snowballs. I don't know what it is, but the snow simply does NOT let go of these tires. By the time I get home you can't see the tread at all.

2006 Charger RWD, for reference, so things may vary with a lighter, FWD car.

Editorial Comment:

Congratulations on providing one of the best comments to a previous posting that I've ever seen in a long time.

That fact that you didn't agree with previous postings is obvious but what makes your comments so useful is that you provided specific reasons and explanations of your experience to back them up. Quite possibly, people who have different circumstances than you do will find that the original ratings would apply to them, but others who have conditions more your yours might want to follow your lead.


Good on snow, Too Noisy
by: JX

I bought a set of usd for one winter, with 10/32 tread, tire code xx15, installed and balanced in tire shop. Based on driving of 2000km, between 10 to -15 deg C, The tires are good on snow and wet surface. The noise level is too high during the speed 70 - 100 km/ hr and slow down on the highway ramp, comparing to other winter tires.

by: Anonymous

Installed a set of these studded on my 2014 Subaru STi. They have great traction in deep snow, and on icy roads. Compared to the Michelin Alpin (not studded) that were replaced, these appear to be much better as a pure winter tire. Handling and braking on dry roads is not as good, but predictable enough. I can't comment on tread ware yet, since I have only been using them for a few weeks. They are definitely more noisy at slow speeds because of the studs, but not much worse than any other winter tires I have used at highway speeds. So far, I would recommend these, and will likely put some on the wife's Outback when her tires are done.

by: Anonymous

I bought a used set of these tires on rims with nearly 100% tread left. I went for a quick drive around the block before I switched from my all-seasons to do a before and after comparison. I was very surprised that my braking distance from 30km/h improved by nearly 40% (although I was at the wear bars on the all-seasons). What I found even more surprising is that they ride just as well and are just as quiet as the all-season Pirelli's that they are replacing. Excellent tire for the price, strongly recommend!

Great Tire Great Price!!
by: johnnyGaloshes

Thought i would bump this thread with winter quickly coming upon us.

I had 4 Saxon (cooper brand) Snowblazers given to me last winter. They had MAYBE one winter left on them and i thought i would really be wasting my time installing these things with such little tread left.


These things worked excellent ALL winter on the highway and in snow 1 foot deep. I was so amazed i just bought 4 more new ones for my 04 Vue today. $495CDN installed, balanced and tax included.

They are not a high name brand tire, but work excellent IMHO.

by: Rod R

Have these Saxon winter tires on our SUV for the second winter in Calgary AB.
These tires scare the crap out of me. Okay my wife driving with these tires scares the crap out of me. The tires' excellent grip for starting, stopping and in curves is good that my wife is way too confident (my opinion) in icy conditions and snow and it scars the crap out of me.
Okay, I'm sixtyish, used to driving three quarter tons pulling stock trailers, where you don't do anything fast or sharp.
It was the same when I bought my first car with disc brakes and scared my uncle (a truck driver) who thought I was going to go through that stop sign.
I'm looking for another set of Saxon Snowblazer tires for next year.

Editorial Comment:

While I am pleased that you've shared your good experience with Saxon Snowblazers with us, I sincerely hope you can convince your wife to drive with more caution in winter conditions. Accident statistics have shown that over confidence in the handling conditions of a vehicle leads to an increased risk of damage when uncontrollable situations unexpectedly occur.

In the case of winter conditions, just because a tire might produce excellent results in snow, it will not offer any better capability to stop or maintain control if you encounter a patch of black-ice, which I'm sure you realize, is virtually impossible to see in itself, but if it is covered with a light skiff of snow, you're really in trouble.


Good tire for New Brunswick winters
by: James m

We Have a 2006 Santa Fe and the Tire size is 225/70/16. We were looking for a good quality winter tire and the garage we were at had in stock the Saxon Snowblazer.

The price was right about $130.00 bucks a piece so we said lets try them. They are great in all kinds of snow powder,slush,ice, Good starting and good braking.

We went out and purchased a set for other car. Great tire for the price can't complain so far.

Saxon Snowblazer
by: Anonymous

I driven 6 km on these so far....they rock

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