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TIRE GUYWow! San Jose Tires... a Special Focus Area

You can think of San Jose Tires as being similar to a Sunday supplement to your favorite newspaper with one important distinction:  it is always here.

San Jose Tires is a Special Focus Area of  Here you will find a special focus on San Jose.  We will seek, find and focus on car tires, truck tires, tire dealers, tire services, the tire industry, tire recycling, tire trivia and any other tire information pertinent to San Jose.

Of course, if you know of anything tire-related which you believe we should feature, we would be delighted to hear from you

Unless someone from invited you to this page, you may have arrived here through a backdoor.  If you have an on-going interest in tires in San Jose, you might want to bookmark this page since you might not find it again in the same way in the future.

At this moment this Special Focus Area is being prepared for publication so you will not find all of the information you might have hoped but we have a special invitation for you simply because you stopped by early.  Click the link below and we'll enter you into our 4-tire-give-away for sharing your ideas of what San Jose Tires should be so we can make sure we deliver what YOU want.

Tell us:   What do you want in San Jose Tires?

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