Kiss The Rim And Tire Please

Rim and tire means many things to many different people. Some people merely think the tire must fit the rim....

Want to know about rim and tire?

Said another way, "Yeah, so a rim is just what the tire goes on…no big deal."

40 inch rims from Rim and Tire on Tire Information World

Would you believe it? These are 40 inch rims!

Some people don't spend any time thinking about the rims or tires on their car until a tire goes flat or they pound the side of a curb with their rim. Then, when their rim looks like crap, it's suddenly a big deal.

Are you one of those people recently having an epiphany about your rims or tires lately? Let's dig deeper into the subject.

The tire must fit the rim and the rim must fit the car. Does the car fit you, your personality, or is the car just a car?

The fact of the matter is ordinary things are not simple. These ordinary things can become quite complex once you are start paying attention. If you find you have to deal with the issues of your tires and rims, or you have decided that you wish for more than the ordinary, you are not alone.

Both tires and rim are deep subjects. So deep in fact, that a person just looking into the purchase of tires or rims may be overwhelmed. There is an acronym out there that may help. It is K. I. S. S. It means Keep It Simple Sweetie.

Let's put the kiss in rim and tire.

K eep in mind your tire size; you will fail miserably if you don't know the size of tire that goes on your rim.

I nforming yourself as to what a rim really is; now that is helpful.

So, what the heck are rims?

Rims are circular pieces of metal that the tires are mounted on. The rim gives the tire shape by acting as the support for the tire. The rim buffers against the bumps in the road and offers support for the tire when speed and cornering are added to the equation.

Rims are more than just support though. Either they look cheap or they can add aesthetic value to your car.

As with any product on the market today, there is good and there is cheap. Alloy rims offer strength and support. They are always a good choice.

S ets! Rim and tire sets are available for purchase as a package deal. A set of tires and rims for 15" wheels can cost as little as $600. You will get four tires and four rims plus mounting and balancing.

Bigger tire rims mean more money. Going up in quality and rim design means you can go up to $2000 easily. Add chrome rims and add another $1,000.

S tatus! Rims and tires may equal status. If you are shopping for a package, you may just want something that fits your car and allow it to roll down the road. Or, you may be in the market to change the overall look of your automobile. There are luxury rims, racing rims, passenger car rims, and truck rims. All these rims add character to the vehicles and you can bet they are status symbols too.

So when out looking for rim and tire sets, remember K.I.S.S. and you are sure to put some pucker in your purchase.


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