Remington Wide Brute Tires

Remington Wide Brute

by tim durocher
(allen park,mi.)

Remington Wide Brute

Remington Wide Brute

The Remington Wide Brute is, first off, a good looking tire, albeit not very well known.

I work in heavy trucks and deal with every kind of tire imaginable and until I bought the Remington Brute I never heard of the brand.

Tread wear is very even and uniform. There does seem to be cracking all around lugs at the base of tires, found this on all 4 tires, so it isn't just a one off thing. Handling is pretty good, maybe a little jerky.

These tires are on a Durango, which rides like a tank to start with, so I can't blame it all on the tires.

99 percent of driving is highway, 65-70 mph everyday. The tire is on the medium side as far as lug road noise, and does shimmy at high speeds. I have had them high speed balanced to correct this but it just seems to move the shimmy point to a different mph point.

I put lug pattern on my vehicle for looks, these tires never go off road or are subject to heavy loads, so they are very lightly put through their paces.

I still have about half life left in the tires and I can't comment on the longevity of them, but all in all if they last and the cracking at base of tires doesn't get any worse I might buy a new set. But I will be honest, I buy cheap tires every time due to the fact I put 30,000+ miles on them a year and the cheap ones last exactly as long as the expensive ones.

I would give these tires, so far, a 6 out of 10 rating. The lower rating is due to the excessive cracking of casing and the high speed shimmy I can't get corrected.

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Tire Reviews: Remington Wide Brute

by Kyle Osborne
(Winchester, KY )

I have had nothing but extraordinary luck I guess you could say.

I put 4 235/85/16 Remington Wide Brute tires on the rear of my Ford F350 Superduty and they lasted me over 100,000 miles.

I pull a 48 foot trailer loaded at 26,000 pounds everyday. I ran across this site trying to find a place where I can Buy these tires again.

The tire store I use says you just can't get them anymore. I don't believe it until I hear it for myself. I will try to get some pictures of the tires when I get them off of the truck...

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