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Remington Tires have a long established reputation throughout North America, but many people don't know much about them ...

By Karl Drew, an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

Remington tires were first introduced to American roads back in 1924, and it's a well recognized brand throughout the United States and Canada. Remington tires offer a wide variety of tire lines and sizes to meet the demands of the American market. They're a low-price option and many people swear by them. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information about them. This is probably because they're at the cheap end of the market, so manufacturers and retailers would rather you spend more money on one of their “bells and whistles” varieties of tires.

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So What Types of Remington Tires Are There?

The Remington range includes tires for cars and tires for SUVs and light trucks.

Remington XT-120 HR400
This tire features an improved “HR” performance ride and may come with a 45,000 mile limited tread wear warranty if you check with your tire retailer. The Remington XT-120 HR400 has enhanced cavity design, and delivers a smooth and uniform ride to the vehicle driver.

The tire also has a tread foot print modification for a quieter ride, as well as a tread element adjustment so it can offer some winter driving performance. The tire is “H” rated for good handling and safety in all forms of weather, and it even has sidewall treatment to enhance the whole appearance of the tire. It comes in 50, 55, 60, and 65 series in sizes from 14 inch to 17 inch. The tire has a treadwear rating of 460.

Remington Emerald
may come with an 80,000 mile warranty, plus free workmanship and material replacement in accordance with conditions under the warranty, so check with your tire retailer. These Remington tires have ventless mold technology for enhanced appearance and quality. The tire tread has a unique blading for wet and dry traction, and comes in “T” speed ratings for blackwall sizes and “S” speed rating for whitewalls.

Remington Mud Brute
Now how is that for a name for a tire? Sounds like the sort of thing that would give you confidence if you were stuck in a mud bog. And, that's exactly what it is.

This Remington tire has two full width steel belts to resist impact and provide extra stability. Its radial body plies provide comfort in challenging conditions when off road, and the Remington Mud Brute also has nylon belt stabilizers to help prevent belt squirm, plus heavy lug cleats clean mud and slush from the tread in even the most boggy situations.

Select sizes of the Mud Brute have alternating lug serrations that help to give better lateral grip. But the Mud Brute isn't all aggression; it has a wide cross section for more civil terrain that exists beyond the swamps. Of course, the Mud Brute has raised outline letters. After all, if you've got a tire called the “Mud Brute” you really should flaunt it.

Remington Wide Brute
Hot on the heels of the Mud Brute, comes a Remington tire for a slightly more civilized light truck or SUV. The Wide Brute has an all-weather tread that is designed for wet and dry road handling. This Remington tire has high density siping to assist with wet weather handling, driving on snow and even ice. The Wide Brute has super wide, high strength steel belts that facilitate stable cornering.

Remington Wide Brute – New Generation
Just when you thought it was safe to go off road, again. The New Gen Wide Brute has twin steel belts, triplex sidewall, and tread blocks that give superior cornering and steering capabilities on or off the road. This Remington tire has oversized interlocking center rib elements that will provide enhanced contact and grip whether on or off the road.

Remington XT-120 SR
Another Remington tire that may come with additional warranty and even free replacement. Check your retailer for details. The tire has wider, high density steel belts deliver even wear and handling. The Remington XT-120 SR has a tread wear rating of 440 and is real value for money.

Some Hints and Tips for Caring for Your Tires

  • The best advice anyone can give you about tires is to keep your inflation pressure at the right levels. Inflation levels are something everyone tends to take for granted. After all, you've paid for the tire, you've had it fitted, next is to maintain it. You wouldn't just plant a tree in your garden and never water the thing or check it ever again, would you?

  • Maintaining your tires, whether they are Remington tires or another brand, is as simple as taking a look at them as you approach the vehicle to get in. Or, it's as simple as checking your tires when you wash the car. Or, occasionally park your car and then turn your wheels on to full lock so when you get out you can have a good look at them on the way past. It's so easy.

  • The next step is to purchase yourself a very cheap digital tire gauge so you can occasionally check your pressure levels. You can also check with your tire dealer as to whether or not they offer after-sales service that includes occasional checks on your tires, you might be surprised at how many do.

  • The reason you should acquire your own tire pressure gauge to check your Remington tires is simple. If you're relying on those old things at your local gas station, the bad news is that they're probably wrong. Think about how many people use those things throughout the day then multiply it by 365 for every day in the year. Then, factor in all the time they are dropped, and run over by other cars or even trucks.

  • Incorrect tire pressure is a main cause of irregular tire wear, whether they might be Remington tires or any other tire. If your tires are under inflated, they will wear on the edges and even heat up, risking tire failure. Over inflated tires are prone to overheating, too. They also tend to wear in the center of the tire. Whether it's due to over inflation or under inflation, incorrect tire pressure means that your tires are going to wear out long before they should.

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