Recycled Rubber

TIRE GUYWhat's in a Mountain of Tires: Future Recycled Rubber of Course

by A. Silviera

I'm sure you have seen one.  A mountain of tires somewhere in your town, piled high and wide with dirty old junk tires.  That mountain represents so much.  What you see is a mountain of future recycled rubber just waiting to happen. 

If you are like me, you have no idea where these ugly tires go, so here's a little poem to help you know...

Must Do ...

Old ugly tires sittin' on a heap
Or propping up an old rusty jeep
Maybe hangin' from a rope under that big shade tree
Kids swinging and laughin' with glee
Tires, tires, tires, a mountain you see
Rubber is to recycling as ti is to chi, as yin is to yang
Recycling is the thang 
To make something from OLD into NEW
This is what 'We, as a people must do'


Otherwise, Mother Earth will fold
The weight of these tires she cannot hold
290 million new scrap tires a year
Now people that's truly something to fear
What are we to do with this info now
Be patient, let recycling solutions show you how
Tires are rubber and rubber last forever
In order to survive we must be clever
If it doesn't stay a tire where does it go
Ok, ok I'm gonna let you know


Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Terra Troopers
Please keep the public from being Party Poopers
Tires morph into things anew
Take for example the sole of a shoe
Like something much more musical
How bout some underlay that's totally acoustical
When kids run at the playground
Under foot, rubber bark can be found
Overhead resides recycled rubber roofing
I'm telling the truth, I swear I'm not goofing


To the standards of Mother Earth
We are struggling to give birth
To a new way of living, sharing
We must start to think about caring
For an earth that's in trouble
Let's stand and burst the bubble
Think outside the box and grow
Let's keep earth lean to make a good show
To make something from old into new
This is what 'We, as a people, must do'


The poem brings to light rubber recycling, but it doesn't begin to explain many other recycling alternatives.

After millions of tires find they have served their useful life as tires, they make their way back to the roads in the form of polymer-modified asphalt

Additionally, tire derived fuel (TDF) is a product produced from old tires.  Old tires, when burned have high heating value.  This heating value is a better alternative to burning oil or coal.  In other words, tires are a great source of energy, creating 25% more energy when compared to coal or oil and they produce less toxic waste for our ground and air.

Finally, the poem touched on the most important thing we, as a civilized world, need to remember.  We live on this planet and we must respect our earth as the most essential resource we have.  Getting rid of those strange and unsightly mountains of tires, using recycled rubber, and acting on our knowledge is a genuine show of respect to our Mother Earth.  


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