rear tire size on Goldwing GL 1800

rear tire size on Goldwing GL 1800

by Jack Redfearn
(Longview, TX)

2006 Honda Goldwing GL 1800

2006 Honda Goldwing GL 1800

Rear tire on my 2006 GL1800 Goldwing is 180/70r/16. I've put about 50 miles on it so far.

A motorcycle shop told me I should have installed 180/60x/16 on the rear. Is it okay to run with the 70r tire instead?

Editorial Comment:

I'm not a cycle expert but based on the information you have provided, the 180/70 tire is larger than the 180/60. the size difference is 10% of 180 (70-60=10) or 18mm. That may not seem like a great difference but judging from the limited clearance which seems to be available from looking at the photo, there may be issues because of this difference. Maybe you'd be wise to check at a couple of other cycle shops to get their opinion and if they all agree, then you might want to consider switching.


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r u sure
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind, if the miles per hour is corrected and you are actually logging fewer miles on the bike from the 180/60/18s, then the difference in miles/gallon will change and suggest not as many miles/gallon since it is not logging as many miles after an hour of riding. The lower rpm is probably giving you better mileage in reality. In other words, you are not comparing apples for apples. Something to consider.

Editorial Comment:

Your comment may be a bit confusing for some people so
I will explain in a slightly different way to try and make the situation easier to understand.

First, keep in mind that a 180/70/R18 tire is slightly larger than a 180/60/R18 tire. The actual difference in diameter is 5.3% which means that it will cover 5.3% more distance with each revolution.

This larger distance traveled per revolution means that the speedometer may show that the cycle is traveling slower than it would show using the 180/60 tire. If your speedometer is not accurately calibrated for that tire size it may not be relevant to compare actual speed readings but just keep in mind that whatever the 180/70 tire reading shows, it will be less than what you'd see if you had the smaller 180/60 tire mounted.

The fact that each turn of the wheel takes it 5.3% further will also result in getting about 5.3% greater fuel economy. I say "about" because this could be a bit less since that extra distance comes at a cost of having slightly less power being delivered to the wheel, but as long as you are not riding under conditions where a small difference in power is important, the difference will be small and you will likely notice an improvement in MPG.


i use a 180 7016
by: Don

i love the added ground clearance

Gold Wing tire size
by: Anonymous

I am going to put a 70 on my 03 GL1800. There is no problem with the size and clearance. The additional size, however, will correct your Speedometer and Odometer.

My friend put a 70 on his and has about 4000 miles on it. His speed is right on and his mileage is just a bit behind.

I don't know if you have checked your Speedometer and odometer but mine are off also, as are many others I have talked to. In a 100 mile run my bike clocked 104 on the Odo. At 75 mph indicated I am only doing 71mph actual. With the 70 series miles are 100 ridden and clocked 99 and and speed is "Dead balls Perfect" (My Cousin Vinny quote).

Check these out with your riding buddies on their Wings.

rear tire
by: 06 Wing

I have always been told by the shop and alot of wing riders it is fine.

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