Problem with Bridgestone Turanza Tire

Problem with Bridgestone Turanza Tire

by Sylvain Giguere
(Montreal, Canada)


Last November, when I installed my winter tires, I saw that crack all around my summer tire (see attached pictures).
It is perfectly straight and seems to be at a 45 degrees angle with the tire. It really goes all around the tire, continuous all the way. The tire was installed rear-right, and I drive a front wheel-drive mazda 3.
Its the original tire installed on the car (I bought it new). It was never removed from the wheel and has about 15 000 km.

It is a Bridgestone Turanza EL400.

To me, it clearly looks like a tire malfunction, a problem in the molding () or whatever.
Sent it to a Bridgestone dealer/reseller to be told that it was my fault, the tire was cut and they would not do anything about it.
I'm no tire expert, but it doesn't make any sense to me. That crack is so straight, with this weird angle, and the fact that my front tire has nothing (I guess that if my tire was cut, so straight, while rolling on some sharp edge, both my rear AND my front tire would have been damaged), it does not add up.

Has anyone had a similar problem, or seen something similar?

Editorial Comment:

I am a certified warranty claims inspector but I cannot tell from your photos and description whether or not this is a manufacturing/materials defect or something that might have resulted from something that happened in the use of the tire.

There are cases where certain defects are obviously a problem at the manufacturer's end, others where, as in your case it is necessary to at least physically inspect the tire, and in some cases even a physical inspection isn't enough … I've seen cases where the tire had to be sent to the laboratory and cut open to determine what was the likely cause. Of course, when you do this you make the tire completely unusable forever.

My initial impression (which could change on a physical inspection of the tire) is that you do not have a serious problem with this tire and you could continue to use it without running any safety risk, but I would monitor the situation by looking at the tire frequently to see if this crack is getting deeper or changing in any way.

If you'd be nervous about constant use of this tire, then take it off and use it as a spare to be used only in emergency situations to be replaced as soon as your damaged tire was fixed.

If you want to follow up further with this you might try contacting Bridgestone's customer service people (see their website) and see if they might offer additional assistance.


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