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These calculators are primarily aids to help you choose between different tire choices after you have considered the following points.

  1. What does your vehicle manufacturer recommend?
  2. What kinds of roads and driving conditions do you expect?
  3. Who is driving the vehicle and what is their driving style?
  4. Do you have any special driving needs?
  5. Is the design and appearance of your tires important to you?

After you have selected tires which satisfy your answers to the questions above, possibly with the aid of a tire dealer, you may be faced with a choice to make between two or more tires.

These calculators can help you simplify that choice by using the Treadwear value which is stamped on the tires' sidewalls.

Use the Service Calculator, if you want to determine what kind of life or distance you can expect from an alternative tire which is different from the one you have been using. 

You will already know the number of miles you have gotten out of your old tires and probably the length of time they have been in use.

If you expect the same driving conditions and will be using the new tires on the same vehicle, your results should be about the same if you were to replace those tires with the same make and design which has the same treadwear. 

The calculator will tell you what to expect if you change to a tire with a different treadwear.

Naturally there are no guarantees that the results will be exactly as they are calculated because there may be unpredictable events and changes, but especially if the tires being compared are made by the same manufacturer -- you can have a high degree on confidence in what you calculate.

If you are comparing tires of different brands, the calculator will still give you some idea of what would be reasonable to expect, but you might want to check out the reviews of each tire to see what kind of experiences others have had with these tires.  Go on line to the Tire Review Forums at Tire Information World.

Use the Price Calculator to determine how much more or less you should pay if you are switching to a higher or lower treadwear tire from the one you now use. 

In theory a tire with a treadwear of 200 will last twice as long as one with a rating of 100.  This means that you're getting a better deal if the tire with the 200 rating is less than double the first one.

The calculator works out what the alternative tire should cost to give you the same value for your money.  If the price you have offered to you is less then you've got a good deal to consider.

If you discover a very great price difference between what the Price Calculator works out and the price which is being charged be careful about jumping to the conclusion that you've found a great bargain, or that the dealer is a shameless thief.  There may be very good reasons for the great price difference and this is where you pull out your detective's hat and start doing a bit of investigation. 

Search for the reason for the difference and you may find that it is well justified.  Some of the possible causes:

These are just a few of the possible causes.  If you discover a new one or would like to discuss your findings with other tire users like yourself, visit the Tire User's Forums at Tire Information World.

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