Performance difference between 235 or 225

Performance difference between 235 or 225

by Cathie
(Grand Rapids mi)

I have a 2004 Jeep and i have 235/ 70 /16 tires on now, but on the door it says the jeep takes 225/75/16 . does it make a difference which i use and why?

Editorial Comment:

At a first glance, when you compare tire sizes and see that if one of the first two numbers in the tire size increases, the other number in the new tire should decrease. If that happens, you are on the right track, but still need to check the exact values to see that the difference is acceptable.

In this case we are going in the right direction so when we do the exact calculations we discover there is a difference of just slightly more than 1% in total tire diameter so the difference in performance is practically insignificant.

The difference of 10 mm in width is also very slight. Some people believe that a wider tire provides a wider contact patch and therefore will provide more grip, but if the same tire pressure is used in both tires the narrower tire is likely to have a longer contact patch so that the actual area of the contact patch would be almost identical, since it is determined by the amount of air which is held within the tire.


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Your Jeep
by: Wheels Etc

You should be considering the use of your vehicle when deciding on tires. If you are in an area where snow is a major factor during your year then the narrower tire is slightly more useful however most off road use is not in snow so the wider tires often provides better performance. In the case of these two sizes there is little difference and it would be hard to tell which does a better job. Now if your use is mostly highway use then I suggest you spend more time considering the tread design and stay with the factory settings. I personally think you will be happier with even more width than you have described and the time you spend with a professional tire man will be very helpful for your enjoyment of this nice vehicle.

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