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While I hope Tire Information World is helpful and interesting for you, I'd really like to talk about your passion.

It's obvious that I don't know what your most passionate interest is, but I'm willing to bet that we have something in common with at least one of my long-time passions:  which is to find some way to get a practical value out of the things I love to do.

I think it all started when, as a small boy, my mother would always interrupt what I was enjoying with an order like:

"Will you stop wasting your time doing [whatever I was doing] and come and do something useful."

My young mind turned that into a search for a way to show my mother that whatever I was doing was NOT a waste of time -- and a habit was born that has been with me through all of my life.  If I could justify what I loved doing with achieving some practical benefit, then I had even more reason to do more of what I loved doing.

Well, if you can appreciate my way of thinking on this point where it comes to those things that you love doing, then we have this point in common.  And, if you have some favorite passtime that you want to turn into a way of bringing practical benefits into your life you may want to look at Site Build It! (SBI) as a tool to turn your passion into an income-generating vehicle.

You see, although SBI is a system of building a website of your own, when you use it to build a site about what you love most, that's when things move into an entirely new dimension!

Are you Ready To Share Your Passion?

That's what I want to talk to you about.

SBI ... and You!

Now let's be realistic about this idea.  Unless it happens that you just love building web pages, just for the sake of making web pages, you probably might feel just a wee bit hesitant about building a web page about your hobby or favorite passtime.

After all, you probably have enough things to do that take you away from doing what you love, that you don't want to take on something else.  Right?

Well, that's what Site Build It was made to deal with.  SBI takes care of all the picky details and lets you concentrate on telling your story, of showing off what you know so well and love so much.

Not only does it take care of those details but it also is designed to help you earn an income from what you're doing.  What can be better than that?  Do what you love to do and make money doing it!

Now is that really possible?  Or is this just another come-on to lead you into buying something you didn't really want anyhow?

Well these days there are literally thousands of people --people just like you-- from around the world who are doing just that -- building websites about what they know and love -- and earning money doing it.  

Would you like to meet some of these people? Ask them if it's really possible, and how it might work out for you?  

Well, how about I take you where these folks gather and you can see for yourself ...

Our virtual meeting

Every day dozens of people get together in a virtual meeting to discuss all kinds of things related to the use and operation of SBI and lots of other topics too.  It's a friendly, positive group and people pitch in to help each other out without any thought of payment or reward.  They're just having fun doing what they like doing, and want to help others do the same.

Just a short while ago, Paul,  an ex-cook at a Howard Johnston's Restaurant, in Biloxi, Louisiana before the hurricane Katrina came along,  popped in and asked everyone if they -- collectively-- could match a list of 43 reasons why they liked and used SBI.

Here's what happened:

Paul started the ball rolling by saying that what he liked most about SBI was that it has a great forum with great people that he can rely on to allow him to save a bunch of time and money when building his web site: best-recipe-scout.com

A bit later Bob, an old-timer from Ponderay, Idaho, who built idaho-insider.com stepped in to say that he likes SBI's simple-to-use block building method for completing a clean, functional site without great technical skills.  In his words: For non-techies and old people (like me) it is a sure-fire way to build an attractive website.

Well, Monte from Glendale, Az who runs classicarparts.com, couldn't sit by and let folks think that this is just for dummies.  Monte says, SBI provides a tool that allows you to create or modify the code to your design specifications not using a template do build a truly unique web site, which makes it useful for both  the Pro and the normal user to upload you own HTML.

Then we heard from the Netherlands, where Erwin runs customerservicepoint.com who told us what he liked is that  Ken Evoy is not only the man 'behind the scenes', but he also makes himself available for all his customers in a way unheard of in normal business.

Also from the other side of the Atlantic, Tracy from Ireland, creator of fiction-writers-mentor.com said, that for her SBI! is the way to find a thirsty crowd who are looking for the glass of water you're selling because by using its Brainstormer tool, you get to provide what people actually want, not what you think/assume/imagine/hope they want.

Then Antoinette from South Africa told us she liked the design templates which allows anyone to add a great look and feel without design skills.  She built:  free-legal-document.com.

SBI has a tool called Analyze It which appeals to  Margaret as she was building her site: theme-party-palace.comAnalyzer tells me if I forgot to put a keyword into the page or if there are too many or two little. A page that passes analyzer will stand a better chance of being found by the search engines. It lets me create the best possible pages for my website.

Back in North America, Lyn from Calgary, Alberta who runs  localbiz-online.com  told us: Thanks to the SBI! Includes, I don't need to spend hours (or days!) editing and re-building multiple pages on a site. It's quick and easy to update an Includes file, upload it again, and see the changes done for me on the site. It's a huge time saver!

Pete from rc-airplane-world.com who's location is the south coast of Sunny Spain reported that the feature  WorldSubmitter does the monotonous job of submitting our pages to the search engines, crucial until regular spidering takes over and takes the tedium out of the page building process when starting a site, and gives us one less very important thing to think about!

From Villarrica, Chile, Jack  wrote that he loves the contests exclusively for SBI users.  We get to see a wide variety of other users ideas being played out and even if we don't win a prize we get a great work-out and probably a lot of useful ideas.

There are even sites to help you make friends, such as friendship-by-mail.com run by  Wendy from Michigan who told us For dummies like me, SBI helps you to get your website out there... all you do is submit the site map provided by SBI using their directions! In short: SBI provides the one time instructions and then your website is picked up by search engines forever -- and even better than before!

Well, you can see there's a wide variety of people from all around the globe who are enthusiastic about SBI -- and all for different reasons.

Maybe you're wondering if we were able to find all the 43 reasons on Paul's list.  As a matter of fact, there never was a list ... and the number 43 was something that Paul just made up, but in spite of that the number went past 43, without duplication, and when I started writing this, the number was still growing.

I have a link for you might see for yourself all the ideas, but I have to warn you that this link will not work for you unless you already have SBI. 

Are you interested in hearing more about what others think but don't want to commit to getting SBI for yourself just yet?  Well, there is a risk-free way of becoming an insider which is explained here.

But, if you're ready and want to join the thousands of folks from all around the world who are turning their passions into something with practical value just  Click here!


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