not sure about whick tire is the best choice for this situation

not sure about whick tire is the best choice for this situation

by kent johnston
(Brandon Manitoba)

The car (tires) in question are 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS with a tire size of 215/45r18.

Location that the will be driven: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Approximately 180 days of winter driving conditions (snow and ice), yuk.

Have narrowed my choice between Yokohama (Avid Envigor w ) @ $923.10 and Nokian WR G2 @ $1357.36.

Now the price would tell me the Yokohma is a better deal but the fact is I am not fully convinced that it is the best choice for the conditions.

After reading as much info on both tires I am somewhat confused and once the choice is made one must live with it. Therefor I'm requesting advice. My pocketbook is telling me one thing and my lack of knowledge is clouding my choice.

Editorial Comment:

There are no hard and fast rules and no matter what choice you make, you will always find someone who can argue strongly for the other alternative. So, you make the best choice you can and then learn to live with that.

A couple of things that may help you decide what are the greatest priorities for YOU are to consider what kind of a driver are you. Are you an aggressive, performance type driver, or are you more interested in economy and safety? Does the appearance of your tires matter to you? Do you want the greatest value possible or are other things more important to you?

Although they are not based on the same rating tests you might also take a look at the Treadwear ratings which are stamped on each tire. If one is considerably higher than the other, you might be getting a tire which will give you a longer life. Since each company rates their own tires against their own standard tire, this isn't the best standard to use, especially when the numbers are very similar, but if one is rated at 600 and the other at 300, it is a good bet that the 600 is a more durable tire.


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