Not Happy with DISCOUNT TIRE

Not Happy with DISCOUNT TIRE


On 5/25/2011 I bought four tires from DISCOUNT TIRE - new at $73.00 each. Now I noticed on Friday, May 27, 2011, the white walls are show cracks.

On the bill - it says:

Quantity - 4
Size - 215/70R-15 98T WW
Description: FALKEN SINCERA SN-828
Price: $73.00 each
Code: 18183 NRM
For a 1989 FORD Crown Victoria - 2/4 DOOR P215/70R15

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Sep 27, 2012
America Tire / Discount Tire
by: Eddie

I prepaid for a special order General Altimax tire had to wait one week for it and when i picked it up had a manufacture date from a almost two years ago. Made them reorder another with a manufacture date for this year and had to wait for another week only to find out that it was just as OLD. When I left the store with the tire and receipt the manager followed me out and stole the tire from the back of my vehicle before i could leave. The police were called and I plan on taking legal action for the theft and for selling old out dated tire. Beware of America's tire in Redwood City Calif.

Editorial Comment:

Some professional tire people have told me this story should be put on our Tire Humor page, instead of here.

Since I expect Eddie may be serious about this I'd like to explain that tires are like many manufactured items in as much as they can sometimes take several months to well over a year from the time they are made until they are offered for sale to the public.

If you think of many items you buy on a regular basis, some of those things could be several years old (counting from the date they were made) before you buy them. The word "new" refers to the fact that the item has not been used by someone else before you buy it.

What sets tires apart from other manufactured non-food items is that they have a date of manufacturer stamped on them and most of the major tire brands carry a warranty of 5 or 6 years from that date that they will be replaced if they turn up with a defect in the materials or the making of them.

I suspect that this warranty was a marketing technique to try to have some tires appear more reliable than others, but this has backfired to some extent because some TV and news stories have been put out in which it has been implied that certain accidents had been caused by using "expired" tires.

It the truth were known, most of those accidents were not the result of the tire's age but other factors which may have caused the tire to fail, ranging from simply been worn out, to damages cause my mis-use or other unforeseen events.

Tires do not "expire" and if they are properly stored and used, they can give good service far beyond the 5 or 6 years which they are warranted for, but in practice most of those tires are simply used up --worn out-- before that date ever arrives. If not, treat those tires with the ordinary care they require and they will continue to serve reliably.


Jun 03, 2011

I found out from a person at NAPA PARTS that the white walls did indeed look cracked - he said to take the car back to DISCOUNT TIRES and have them clean all the white walls - it is just dirt - this should have been done at the time they installed the new tires - a young man cleaned them with Bathroom Spray Clorox and all the "cracks" disappeared. This was due to centrifugal force when the installer put the tires on the car. Other than that, I have been extremely happy with DISCOUNT TIRES and the speediness of their work. These four new tires look GREAT now on my 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria!!

Jun 01, 2011
Discount Tire
by: Wheels Etc

It is confusing in California because the name Discount Tire was used by a local company in the Los Angeles area before the national company Discount Tire arrived in California. I believe the stores in the San Diego area are the national Discount Tire with headquarters in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ. I sold tires to the partners before they moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Phoenix years ago. I have the highest respect for the owners and their method of training managers. it is my suggestion you return to the store from which you purchased the tires and request a personal meeting with the manager of that store. Point out the defect you are able to see in the tires and ask him for his opinion of the condition. If he agrees with you that the tires are defective I assure you he will replace them on the spot. If he does not agree then I suggest you ask him to write an opinion of the condition of those tires that you can share here. If you wish to escalate your concern you could ask for the Corporate phone number and possibly a name with whom you should discuss the issue further. You are also able to contact the manufacturer at:
Falken Tire Corporation
13649 Valley Blvd. ยท
Fontana, CA United States 92335
Phone: 800-723-2553
Fax: 800-950-2561
Toll Free: 800-723-2553

They will most likely suggest you take a photo of the condition you have described and again I promise they will take action to correct the problem if it is actually a defect in the tire. Believe me you are in good hands, I do not have this respect for every tire dealer or manufacturer. You just happened to have picked the best. Do not let any one person in the company discourage you

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