Noisy and rough ride with New tires

Noisy and rough ride with New tires

by Marci

Road Vibrations?

Road Vibrations?

I am experiencing a noisy and rough ride with new tires - both Michelin Harmony and Sumitomos. Never had this before.

Car has 71,000 miles. Road/tire contact on road: sound and feeling is magnified making it a rough and noisy ride. It is even noisy on a flat smooth road when driving slowly. I've had it driven by 3 mechanics and 2 of the 3 said it was tire noise.

Editorial Comment:

Do your tires look anything like those in the photo? If not, and as you say you're experiencing this with two different brands of new tires (Am I correct in assuming that you've changed all 4 tires, twice?) then it is not very logical to think of the tires as the cause.

This, is a difficult thing to diagnose from the limited information you've provided, but I would insist that your mechanic look for causes apart from the tires if you've already changed to a different brand and type of tire and the noise continues.

What did the 3rd mechanic say? Did he attempt to do anything to fix it?

The solution to any mechanical problem is not reached by voting on it ... if you don't have the problem solved by someone, then seek out another person who is good at solving problems.

By the way, have you discussed this issue with either of your tire dealers? The first time you changed the tires did you tell the dealer that you were concerned about the noise and vibration?


Comments for Noisy and rough ride with New tires

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Harmony Noise
by: Chris

Glad they discontinued these tires, never had tires as noisy. They sand and gravel the streets here in winter and the pea gravel gets stuck in the tread big time. I realise this is not "tire" noise per se, but taking the pea gravel out is nearly impossible. Changing tires this week, back to Goodyear. Happy days again(I hope).

rough ride
by: Anonymous

I have a brand new Hyundai Elantra GLS with Hankook Optimo tires. The car rides very rough. Had the car in at the dealers for a week and they cannot find anything wrong.
Claims its suppose to ride that way. I don't believe a new car should ride like that. My son has a 2007 Elantra and it rides like a Lexus. Very disappointed in this new car that is highly appraised by Consumer Reports and Edmunds. It's a lease.

Harmony is right...perhaps Melody too!
by: SKJS

I bought the Michelin Harmony tires for my Mercedes 420 sel. The dealer commented on my choice of tire and agreed that it was a good choice. At first I thought I had found heaven...beautiful ride etc., Then all of a sudden "the reving hummm" started about 2 months after the purhase. I now know why they call it the "Harmony" brand...I can hardly wait to try out their "Melody" brand.
Anyways, the right rear bearing was replaced and all bearings were double checked. I had everything looked at thoroughly by my German mechanic. I even had new rotors and new brakes installed both front and rear. (I spent a fortune on the best for my Mercedes). After the mechanical work and back out on the road once again, the noise was apparent yet again even though the bearing was changed etc. I too, found, and for whatever reason, that they were noiser when turning toward the right. I am glad I am not the only one to have experienced this. I like everything about the tires except the annoying NOISE. Glen Miller...move over!

Noisy Michelin Harmony Tires on CRV
by: Anonymous

Just bought a mint condition 2000 Honda CRV with two sets of tires mounted on rims -- a set of snows and a set of almost-new Michelin Harmony tires. When I switched to the Michelins at the end of winter I found they made a lot more noise than the snow tires. My mechanic said it might be a wheel bearing, but when I switched back to the snow tires to test this out the tire noise reduced considerably and there was no sign of bearing trouble. He checked the Michelins and showed me that the problem was uneven tread wear on the Michelins. The CRV had a 4-wheel alignment check recently and it was well within specs so that's not the source of the problem. I'm switching to another tire brand -- hope this fixes it.

Rough Michelin Harmony's
by: Jon Canada

I have the exact same issue with an older set of these tires in 195/55/15 on a 2000 Protege.

Noisy Harmony Tires
by: C.Davies

Type: Michelin Harmony
We bought these tires 2 months ago, just before Christmas Holidays. At first they were fine. Good ride and very little noise. Two months later and the noise is very noticeable. In fact, turning right gives a different, higher pitch noise while turning left increases the lower pitch noise. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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