No red or yellow dots on my tires.

No red or yellow dots on my tires.

by Panchito
(Los angeles)

I know that some tire manufacturers mark their tires with red and yellow dots. As far as I know they indicate, red=high spot, yellow=light spot. Supposedly, this will help when mounting tires on wheels, minimizing the use of weighs when balancing the wheel-tire unit. And also for tire-wheel uniformity, matching wheel's low area to tire's high area.

I have identified my wheel's low area but, the tires I bought do not have these red or yellow dots. How show I mount them? Or,should I even care about the tire final position relative to the wheel? Any opinions? Thank you.

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Absence of colored dots on tires
by: Tire Guy

As you correctly noted, only some tire manufacturers mark their tires with yellow and red dots.

The first thing you need to know is that these dots are intended to serve as a guide to tire technicians to make their job of installing and balancing the tire easier, but their presence is not critical. Often they will wear off after time so even if they were present on a new tire they might not be there as the tire gets older.

This means that it might take a bit longer and require a bit more effort to get the tires mounted and properly balanced.

If there are both red and yellow dots, the red ones are the ones which should be given preference ... being placed next to the wheel's valve stem or a wheel's low point dimple (if it exists).
The thing to remember, if there are two colours: Red Rules!

There may be other colours used too but these are not common nor is there any general standard across the industry, so for the moment you can simply ignore them if you happen to see them.

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