narrower and taller for better winter handling?

narrower and taller for better winter handling?

Hi. I want to switch my 05 envoy tires which are 245/65/17 stock to a narrower and taller tire for better performance in snow. My question is how far should I go in each direction to achieve maximum results without sacrificing too much for drier road handling come springtime?

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Narrower Tires
by: Wheels Etc

Your plan is correct however, finding a significantly more narrow tire to fit a 17" wheel is not in the cards. A 225 is not sufficient to give you the difference in snow you desire. The old style bias tires could have given you the performance you seek but they will not fit correctly on your wheels. If you would consider having winter tires and wheels ready for use as they do in many winter locations like the Northwest or Alaska I suggest you consider something in the area of a 7.50 R 16 LT but you must try the wheel on your Envoy first. I suggest you also consider cable chains for your immediate needs in deep snow or icy conditions for that day or trip.

Narrower tires
by: Tire Guy

You may need to experiment a bit to discover what works best for your needs, and I hesitate to give you any strict limits but I would not feel comfortable in suggesting that you go much narrower than 225s unless you have actually had a chance to try them yourself.

When you choose a narrower tire you need to increase the aspect ratio simply to maintain the over all tire diameter. For example, in your case you might choose a 225/70 which would result in a tire with just a slightly lower diameter than you have now, while a 235/70 would be just a wee bit larger. Both of these are still within a 2% maximum difference which we like to recommend users stay within.

A 235/75 would be slightly over our 2% limit (2.53%) but gives you about 3/4 inch greater diameter.

Make sure your speed and load ratings are the same or greater no matter what tire you choose.


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