For The Ultimate Mud Machine. Tires Are The Secret Weapon!

TIRE GUYWhat Is There to Know About Mud Machine Tires?


Mud, mud, glorious mud. Beautiful women use it to preserve their youth, the ancient Mesopotamians used it to build dwellings and early man used it as a poultice for stings and bites. Now, the sophisticated earthling uses mud to relieve stress and anxiety by mounting large, aggressive mud machine tires to ATVs, bikes and 4x4s.

The ensuing social behavior involves large contingents of Homo sapiens plunging their steeds into quantities of natural resources (mainly swamps). Often referred to as Mud Boggers and Mud Machiners (there are some smaller, lesser-known tribes like the Swamp Riders), these upright walking descendants of apes compete in a race environment designed to encourage bravery and rushes of blood. Presumably from this, a brave warrior will be selected as a leader of his peers.

mud machineAs weapons of choice go, their favorites are the 26” Bi-Claw or the more serious 27” Tri-Claws and Vampires. And, as they assemble in groups, the smell of adrenaline and exhaust fumes permeates the water lands.

Directly after this, the various tribes will mix in celebration of their sacrifices and compare stories of previous crusades around the campfire. The younger warriors will consume soda as the generals partake of vast quantities of alcohol and potato chips.

The Serious Side

Jokes aside though, mud machine tires are a serious business and the races enormously competitive.

A good set of aluminum rims and some mud tires will get you a start. The more serious competitors in this game have worked engines to maximize power at high revs and lift kits fitted to get the clearance they need.

If you’re heading into the mud, your tires need to be the right ones. Mud tires have deep lugs, angling from the centre of the tire to the sides. Expect them to look aggressive.

Forget about using them on dirt afterwards, the ride will be harsh as well as noisy and you will fast wear away the tread on those expensive boggers. Mud tires have aggressive looking, tall tread patterns to get through thick boggy mud. There are large gaps between the high treads so that mud won’t lodge between them; because once your tread fills with sticky mud they may as well be bald. The more your mud tires spin in the bog the more they self-clean and throw the mud out.

The sorts of tires fitted to these machines are strictly off-road. They need to be heavy, puncture resistant tires that work well in reverse as well as forwards. Mud machine tires are often called upon to run with very low inflation pressures.

Not only do they need self-cleaning characteristics like all good mud tires, but on something like an ATV or trail bike, they need to direct mud away from the rider. Whilst the machine is of importance, the rider needs to be able to see where he is going and what is going on around him.

Stress Reliever

Mud bogging and racing is a heck of a lot of fun and I’m sort of surprised it hasn’t caught on amongst the corporate types who arrange team-building trips for business and service people. But, give it time.

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