Mr.Tire, Allison Park, PA

Mr.Tire, Allison Park, PA

by Jim Smith
(Allison Park, PA, USA)

I called Mr. Tire AP, ask them to check unusual ware of front tires. They said too busy to work on car at that time but would take a look at tires.

I took car to shop they checked front tires said could replace tires under road hazard coverage sold with tires. I made appt. and took car in 1/2 hour later I was told they could only replace for full retail. They offered a credit on tires but end price was still current retail on tires. Over $ 300. On tires 70k mile warranty tire with 14,500 mi. Didn't work for me.

Yokohama Torante on rear looked new but fronts inner tread worn to wear bars, mud on tire concealed condition.

Complained to Mr. Tire got a call from customer sac. And I returned call no response since then. A lot of potholes and still snow and low temps in Pittsburgh so replaced tires with Goodyear for safety.

I have used Yokohoma and Mr. Tire for 5 years but will take my business to a local small nonNational chain going forward.

I have 4 vehicles and maintain tires checking regularly but lost 300. On Yokohama and had to pay another 200.

For GY on sale and must ask my mechanic to rotate tires which was no charge at Mr. Tire.

FYI, NTB now offers 1 yr alignment with new tire purchase this would have avoided my problem however their prices are high.

I guess we're back to big tire chains getting as much $$ as they can from anyone who walks in their door.

Regarding Your Experience

From the way you have described the situation, your front tires seem to definitely been subjected to wear caused by mis-alignment.

I have no way to know the specifics of your Road Hazard coverage, but I would be most surprised if wheel alignment or other mechanical defects would be covered under that warranty.

Regarding the mileage guarantee, most manufacturers guarantee their tires for a certain amount of use PROVIDED that the customer keeps the pressure correct and attends to all mechanical conditions which would cause pre-mature wear. This would include alignment.

The fact that you got some kind of a discount offered to you by this dealer, seems to me, an effort to help you out rather than "stick it to you". From a strictly legal point of view I don't think they had any obligation to help you at all.

It is vitally important that you have a clear understanding of what your warranty and hazard protection policies give you, hopefully before you need to make a claim. If there's anything that isn't crystal clear to you, ask your dealer for an explanation so that you know feel sure you know what to expect.


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Mar 24, 2016
Your poor experience
by: Wheels Etc

I happen to sympathize with you about irregular tread wear.

I am currently in negotiation with a major Chinese importer regarding irregular tread wear on two tires advertised as preventing such tread wear. In my case I sold 6 expensive medium truck tires to a neighbor and more than a year later two of the tires show irregular tread wear in various ribs.

One tire was on the left front and the other was the inside right rear dual tire. Meaning it was not mechanically related. The front tire does show normal shoulder wear in addition to the irregular inside ribs that are bumpy not smoothly worn. The rear tire would be very evenly worn except for the bumpy wear in two of the inside ribs. All four of the other tires are evenly worn with a little extra wear on the outside shoulder of the other front tire.

I am expecting the importer to make a concession through the distributor from whom I also bought the two replacements.

I am willing to let them explain any refusal to make some reasonable concession in a small claims court. I am within driving distance of their National Headquarters in Southern California.

I sold the first commercial tires imported by Yokohama in 1968 and believe they should have been contacted directly about your problem. I do have a great deal of respect for them and understand how dealers and distributors make decisions based on their own time constraints rather than their customer's best interest.

I have way more invested in trying to resolve this issue than the $25 per tire I made selling all 8 tires so far. I will not take any part of whatever adjustment is passed to my customer but I suspect the distributor will.

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