How Choosing the Right Tires Can Make or Break Your Journey

By Laura Knight

Are you planning a long journey on your motorcycle? If so, you would have definitely made a checklist of things to do and items to carry before you leave. Do not forget to add checking out the tires while getting it serviced! Remember, choosing the right tires can make or break your journey!

motorcycle front tire

Tires are as important to the safety of your motorcycle as wearing proper shoes is to your walking.

Poor quality, cheap, incorrectly inflated, or damaged tires may cost you dearly in many ways. Your bike may not only have an untimely blow-out but may also lose grip on the road surface. In an extreme case, it may also cause an accident. Therefore, before you start, ensure that you have the right kind of tires that are fitted correctly.

Also, check out that they are inflated with correct pressure as your bike's manual recommends, not what may be printed on the tire sidewall as the maximum pressure the tire is designed to withstand.

rear tire

Points That You Must Keep In Mind

  • Use the pressure gauge correctly: The right time to check tire pressure is before the journey at the start of the day when the tires are cold.
  • Check the tread on the tires: The tire should not be bald at any point across its central point of contact.
  • Wheel balance: Any imbalance in the wheels can cause the tires to wear unevenly. Check the condition of tires and if the wear is more on one side than the other, it's time to have your wheels balanced in addition to changing the tires.
  • The condition of tires:  Damaged tires that show cracks, cuts or bulges are potentially unsafe.
  • Excessive tire wear: This points to the overall service condition of your motorcycle and may indicate a fault with the brakes, suspension, wheel alignment, steering, etc. Get these things fixed before you embark upon a trip.

How choosing the right tires can make or break your journey

Besides the condition and the brand name, there are other factors, too, that you ought to keep in mind. Many people are not aware that there are tires which are made for different regions and weather conditions.

Most of us use all-season tires but in case you are planning a trip in a colder region, you must opt for winter tires especially if the temperature you are likely to encounter is below 7˚C, otherwise, you may face poor braking performance. Above this temperature, you may opt for either summer or all weather tires as they are designed to work in a broader range of temperature and can be used in the moderate cold as well as hot weather regions.

Here Are Functions of a Tire

  1. Comfort and ease of steering: The major function of a tire is to help you negotiate and maintain your course. The condition of the tire directly affects its ability to continue in a straight direction. A good quality tire will help to steer the vehicle comfortably irrespective of the weather or road condition.

  2. Absorbs bumps and support the vehicle: The tires carry and transmit the entire weight of the vehicle to the ground. The condition of the tire thus determines how it absorbs bumps and overcome obstacles like fissures and cuts on uneven riding surfaces. It provides stability and protection to the vehicle, as well as the passengers.

  3. Transmit sudden braking and acceleration: Whenever we suddenly apply brakes or accelerate the vehicle, how well the tire transmits it to the ground depends upon its quality as well as its wearing condition. Therefore it is important that you are very careful about how well you select and maintain your motorcycle tires.

Selecting the Right Tire

Do you buy just about any motorcycle helmet that you come across or you check it out for comfort and safety? It is just no point making a compromise with comfort and safety, is it?

So is the case when it comes to choosing the right tire for your motorcycle. Just as safety is a major consideration while selecting a motorcycle helmet, so too should be the case while choosing the tires. Surely you would not like to choose tires that do not have the correct road grip or are not equally robust!

Remember - safety on roads depends upon how well you prepare in advance. A long trip on your motorcycle can be a memorable one if you prepare well. The tires that you choose can have a major effect on your overall safety and driving comfort.

Author Biography

Laura KnightOver the past 10 years, Laura Knight has been a motorcycle rider. She has built up an incredible passion for travelling by motorbike and always wishes to contribute to motorcyclist and traveler community. This is why she created where her passion is turned into useful and interesting information for motorcyclists and travel lovers. Visit her blog to read more articles about motorcycle traveling, gear reviews, and helpful tips!


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