Drifting on 2 Wheels: 3 Videos

The world of extreme sports is a fast-paced and high-energy environment, only suitable for those who crave danger and excitement. While it's murder on tires, motorcycle drifting is one of the hottest extreme sports out there and it has gained a huge following over the years.

Guest Article by Mike Cooper

When cyclists drift riders suit up to test their skills and their luck on the track, performing daring stunts and tricks at blazing speeds with smoking tires. Drifting solo or going up against several bikes, or even a car, is all game. If you love extreme sports, motorcycle drifting, or just want to see something cool, check out the youtube videos below of some of the best drifting vids on the net!

Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

A tuned-up RX-7 against a customized ZX-10 bike! The production style is very professional and makes for a very entertaining watch. The drivers briefly speak about the risks of what they are about to do, then they head to the track to go head-to-head! All of the action is seen up-close since cameras have been mounted on both the car and bike, and they have a mini cam robot on wheels following them the whole time! The action is heart-pounding as the drifters zip around orange cones at blistering speeds, making sure to leave enough room between them for the sake of their lives. A must-watch for drifting fans everywhere!

Moto et Motards - DRIFT MOTO vs AUTO

Two tricked-out bikes against a Bimmer on the same track! Though short and sweet, the vid gives you a nice sneak peek of the drifting world, showing how much control drivers have of their machines. One of the bikes finishes off with a little front wheel-wheelie trick while flames are spewing out of the back! If that's not cool, I don't know what is!

BMW S1000RR vs Bugatti Veyron

You already know it's gonna be good! Sadly, it's another brisk preview of better things to come, but does manage to show off both high-tech machines going around some tight corners in the countryside. The beauty of both vehicles is enough to give this one a peek.

So there you have it, three great dirfting vids for your enjoyment. If you ever decide to try this for yourself, make sure you check out MotorcycleInsurance.com and get yourself a great plan before wrecking that fortune of a bike. Stay safe and drift away!


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