Military Tire Test

Military Tire Test

by Anthony

Hit the Humvee from

Hit the Humvee from

Just weeks after basic training a commanding officer took three units out into the field; military police, bomb techs, and marines.

The commander pointed to a Humvee with four flat tires and four new tires laying on the ground next to it. He told the soldiers that to pass this field assessment they had to change the tires and drive to his cabin two miles away.

The marines were up first.

One marine grabbed the front bumper and lifted the Humvee up while the others grabbed the flat tires and pulled them off with little effort. They then took the full tires, put them on and kicked the hub cap into place and drove off.

When the Humvee was returned and the flat tires again put on the military police had their turn.

Suddenly the entire field went black so that nobody could see anything. When the light returned the MPs were sitting in the Humvee while the marines, badly beaten up, carried it the two miles to the cabin.

The Humvee was returned once again but the bomb techs were no where to be found.

The commander yelled for them but received no reply. He turned around and found his Jeep missing. Bellowing out curses, the commander began the walk back to his cabin. When he arrived, he found the bomb techs drinking beer, flirting with women, and driving his Jeep and the Humvee around.

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