Michelin Off-Road Tires for All The Right Toys

Want to know about Michelin off-road tires?

Since the acquisition of Uniroyal Goodrich, the Michelin Group offers three leading products -

  1. Michelin
  2. BF Goodrich and
  3. Uniroyal.
For vehicles requiring Michelin off-road tires, the selection is very good indeed.

Tow vehicles, snow removal vehicles, quarry vehicles, vehicles working on construction sites, bikes, trucks or airplanes- Michelin has a tire for any application.

Michelin Off-Road Tires for Motorcycles

Motocross, Trial, Enduro, Rally - Michelin can provide the right solution for any purpose. The allure of Off-Road comes from the diversity of terrains. Whether your choice is crossing deserts of sand, or the challenges of winding trails of snow, up vertical climbs or impossible trails, Michelin has something for you.

Michelin Off-Road Tires for Pickup Trucks and SUV

Whether you drive a Humvee or a Hilux, Cherokee or Landrover Discovery, the BF Goodrich Baja T/A is a favorite among off road enthusiasts. The Baja T/A makes some pretty big boasts and backs them up with a long history in the winners circle.

The Baja is a sand and rocky terrain tire that still performs strongly in mud. It is the tire of choice for the US Military's fleet of Humvees for this very reason. (BF Goodrich tires at The Tire Rack.)

For extreme mud and slush, Michelin's XCX/APT series 4x4 tires will get you, and your light truck or SUV, out of gooey situations. Users claim that the biggest surprise with these Michelin off-road tires is their good manners on highways, despite their aggressive look.  (Find Michelin tires at The Tire Rack or Shop Michelin Tires at DiscountTire.com.)

Michelin Off-Road Tires for Earthmovers

If you have ever had exposure to the mining industry, you will know all about the diversity and size of some of the types of heavy vehicle out there. For over 40 years, Michelin has developed a continuous improvement process based heavily on customer feedback and satisfaction.

Dust control in mining comes through constant water application to trails. This creates conditions that are greasy, slimy and extremely dangerous if a light truck or heavy vehicle has the wrong tires mounted.

Michelin off-road tires can be found in some of the remotest places in the world, operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round. The surfaces encountered are abrasive and severe, while temperature and humidity factors are extreme.


One of Michelin's biggest tires is the XDR Series 80. This monster of a tire has a diameter of 4 metres and is roughly the same height as a semi trailer. These tires are capable of supporting loads of more than 100 tones per tire.

Michelin Off-Road Tires in Agriculture

These days, farmers are like company managers, fleet managers, facility coordinators, training managers and HR managers all rolled into one. As well as this, they often have to be the person doing all the hard work in the field.

Michelin are working in close collaboration with the farming sector to improve productivity of machines. This will improve overall efficiency of farm production.


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